Leaving El Nino for El Freezo

UPDATE:  Guess I’m not going after all!  Client decided not to have us all gather in person this week.  Sooo…all the El Nino for me I can handle!!!

Not for too long of course, but duty calls and I’m off to NYC and Philadelphia for the rest of the week.  And JUST when the rain was getting good!

And to see the LA River like this?

Pretty impressive, albeit a bit scary thinking of anybody stupid enough to get anywhere within the river.  Fortunately, the rain seems to have tapered off this afternoon.  I’m hoping that stays the case as I am dreading getting to LAX this evening.  It’s already enough I’m taking the red-eye.

So what’s awaiting me on the East Coast?  Seems like pretty damn cold temperatures, that’s what!  Breaking out the pea coat, yay!!!

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