New York, for a second

Work is getting a bit busier for me (hallelujah!) and early next week, I’ll be jetting off to the City in order to be there for a Monday meeting, then flying back Monday night in hopes to avoid any Thanksgiving flying craziness.  We’ll see how lucky I am in that regard.  I am optimistic and excited about the opportunity I’m soon to be part of!

In other tangentially-related news, I’ve been getting in the weeds with using Python and I just love it.  I’ve been hooked by how easy it is to program within and all the external modules that can be easily brought in.  I’ve just started using easygui for quick and easy ways to give users windowed GUIs and it makes all the difference.  Alright, maybe I should lay off the geek speak for now.  But seriously, Python is a blast to code in.

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