John Joins the Jury

Big Brother 17 – Episode 29

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But will John be out for good?  That still remains to be seen.  Unlike last season in which we got a separate Jury competition to come back in, it looks like we’re getting the all-in-one competition that has all the houseguests competing – and if the winner happens to be one of the jurors, they’ll get to come back in AND win HoH.  Exciting to see how it all shakes out…

Discussions Here, There, Everywhere!

Since I’ve already ruined the surprise, let’s see all the ways that people were talking and mending bridges or blowing bridges up and what have you.  There were lots of conversations!!!

Vanessa, Liz, & Austin Make Peace

BB17_Ep29_LizAustinVanessa BB17_Ep29_VanessaAustinLiz BB17_Ep29_AustinLizVanessaLiz is freakin’ masterful.  I have really got to give her credit these last two episodes in her handling of Vanessa.  She knows that you really just have to sell loyalty and conviction to Vanessa and you’re in – so her “bussing” of Steve last episode and then easily deflecting and reassuring Vanessa that John & Steve were the ones behind the potential backdooring was just….fantastic.  Vanessa buys it.  Or at least she chooses to buy it.  Either way, Vanessa sides with Austwins this week and that’s just as good as if it were based on something real.  Nice job, Liz.  You’re earning your win if you make it that far – and I would have no problem seeing Liz win.

Liz Busts John’s Balls; He Cares Not

BB17_Ep29_JohnLiz BB17_Ep29_LizJohnLiz doesn’t want to outright declare war on John as that’s bad for her game especially with John likely a jury member, so she instead just asks why he did reveal that alliance.  She claims that he was never in trouble, but John is NOT BUYING IT.  Not one bit. He points out that getting nominated while Meg & James are safe is a pretty good indication that he’s in trouble, especially when no one made any effort to reassure him.  So yeah, he doesn’t really care that she’s upset.  John apologizes, she accepts, but really, no trust is there.  If John comes back, he needs to watch his back.

John Courts Vanessa; Strikes Out

BB17_Ep29_VanessaJohn BB17_Ep29_JohnVanessaThey definitely realize they they could use each other to make it farther in the game.  John figures being brutally honest and laying out exactly what he’s thinking to Vanessa will help his game – and it probably is the only way to make any headway there.  John brings up that he could work on swinging Meg & James to keep him, along with Vanessa, so that he can then work on targeting Austwins.  Unfortunately, Vanessa can’t go with this plan as she’s fully entrenched and not turning on Austwins this week.  She tells him this and says that what he needs to do is actually get the Twins to vote with her to save him as that’s the only way she’ll vote for him.

Twin Talk

BB17_Ep29_JohnTwinsIt was certainly a polite and friendly talk, but these two are probably just humoring him.  They agree that if they were to keep him, he’d have to target the returning juror and use Meg & James as pawns.  He’s got no problem doing that.  Unfortunately for him, when Liz & Julia talk to Vanessa later, they’re all pretty disgusted by John’s lack of game.  You’d kind of think that you actually want someone like that next to you at the end – haven’t you heard of a “goat?”  Or Victoria?

But Let’s Not Forget Steve’s Meltdown with Vanessa

BB17_Ep29_SteveVanessa BB17_Ep29_VanessaSteveSteve really needs to work on his conversation skills.  Vanessa wasn’t asking hard questions – she was asking them intensely, sure – and at the first sign of pressure, Steve fucking seems to crack.  This ambivalence serves to upset Vanessa even more.  Obviously the tide was against John, but Steve has a lot of work to do here as if Vanessa manages to win HoH this week, she could make his life very hellish.

Alas, John is Evicted

BB17_Ep29_JohnOutside BB17_Ep29_JohnJulieIf John doesn’t come back tonight, I will be pretty bummed.  His awkward laughter, perfectly captured in that picture above, and his pretty hilarious observations, will be missed.  I hope we get to learn a little more about why John was ultimately targeted over Steve – but it may just be that the Twins really didn’t trust him and felt Steve would be more deserving to stay this week.  Interestingly, John intends to target Meg if he makes it back into the house – I don’t get that but he does say that getting rid of that pair will stop people trying to align with them.  I guess I still don’t get it.  Meg is frankly a perfect Victoria to have – she’s won absolutely nothing.  She does have a personality game that’s on point, but that’s quite easy to argue past.

James’ Personal Spotlight

This was a pretty funny segment, and we got to see more of James’ amazingly hilarious pranks, but it was cool to see his friends and that he looks to have a pretty happy life in the sticks.  At least it wasn’t freakin’ Jeff Schroeder going to interview them.  UGH.

The Ladies of the Jury, Thus Far

BB17_Ep29_JuryHouseI love this reaction to seeing Meg’s header during the OTEV competition.  Becky knew it was coming but it’s so funny seeing Shelli & Jackie’s shock.  Anyway, WTF is with Becky getting a toe infection?  Yuck.  I still wonder where they actually have this jury house – I think I heard once that it was in Mexico somewhere so it’s not easy for them to be found or for them to leave.  If so, that wouldn’t suck.  Although I just looked online and it’s mentioned that it’s in Chatsworth, which isn’t exotic at all.  LOL

The Combined HoH / Returning Juror Competition

BB17_Ep29_ReturningJurors BB17_Ep29_HugsKissesSo CBS decides to put the jurors in some tacky lime green t-shirts that the other houseguests didn’t have to wear – I guess to shame them?  Anyway, there was lots of happy hugs and cheers when everybody got a chance to reunite, and it kind of went on forever.  This house really has been, for the most part, a pleasant place to be.  There’s been a good amount of strategizing and backstabbing, but there’s very little open hostility towards each other like there’s been in past seasons (cough Season 15 cough).  I like that – it shows there’s a bit of sportsmanship going on that other seasons lacked.

BB17_Ep29_HoHJuryComp BB17_Ep29_HoHJuryComp2In this competition, it’s all about who can endure the longest.  Each houseguest has to hang onto a wire that is attached to a circular track – as the wires move along the track, the houseguest will hit one of two giant hands that will have the result of spinning you around.  The last returning juror who stays on will get to return into the house – if that person is also the last person overall, they’ll also be the new HoH.  They’re definitely going to need that win because it’s just way too easy to put the target on them.  I’m kind of surprised that they don’t get a week of safety, but ah well.  Dems the breaks.

Amusingly, 3 people were already eliminated before the end of the show:  Julia was already off by the time the commercial break ended, and right when we got back, Steve and Meg fell off pretty much at the same time.  All the Returning Jurors were still up as of press time though!

Status & Standings:

BB17_Ep29_StandingsOutgoing Head of Household:  Austin
Nominated for Eviction:  John & Steve
Evicted:  John (5-0)
Returning Jurors Competing:  Shelli, Jackie, Becky & John

Alright, frankly, I think I agree with Larry in that I want to see Jackie come back.  It would give James & Meg an extra # and if somehow Jackie can win HoH, it would just provide a bunch of power shifting in the house.  Becky really doesn’t have any moves left to make and would be an easy target.  Shelli could be interesting, but her stated plan upon eviction was to reunite with John & Steve: that plan is a disastrous one now.  John coming back is just more of the same of this week – so while I’ll miss him, I don’t want him to win.  Especially if he’s just going to align to take out Meg & James.  So come on, Jackie, win this shit!!!!

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