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BB17 Episode 19 – August 5, 2015

<–Previously, Shelli & Clay get a rude awakening

I’m a bit drunk and it’s been a long day at work and stressful to boot, so I’m tempted to make this post brief…BUT!  It was such a great episode.  I’d almost deem it “the Epic episode of the season,” yet honestly this whole week fits that description more than just one episode.  It’s nuts that after the Sixth Sense completely backstabs Jason and his friends, James gets power and unabashedly fucking uses it.  I LOVE IT. This is what you do if you can’t play a Derrick game.  I think many people don’t even think James is out of line for his choices, so while he is bathing in blood this week, I really don’t think anyone left will feel compelled to “get revenge” on him for this week.  Breaking up Shelli & Clay was NECESSARY.

The Lovely Awkwardness

BB17_Ep19_ShelliObserves BB17_Ep19_UpsetVanessa BB17_Ep19_OutsideSo after the nominations, Shelli refuses a hug from Vanessa.  Vanessa doesn’t understand why she’s getting the cold shoulder.  After confronting Shelli & Clay about this brutal rebuff, Clay throws it in Vanessa’s face that they’re only in this position because of her decision last week to backdoor Jason.  Well of course, that pisses her off to no end and she storms out in tears to the backyard.   The backyard is where everyone retreated to avoid Shelli & Clay’s maelstrom of anger.  Vanessa vents to them and she’s doing a great job of looking less of a jerk and it’s clear everyone is aware Vanessa wasn’t riding alone while this decision was made.  People aren’t blind and they’re well aware that Shelli & Clay were involved.

I did love that when Shelli & Clay tried to throw down with James privately, he swiftly and effectively batted away their simple criticisms with the realities he’s been living with.  They had nothing.

Vanessa revealed though that she’s heavily emotional (or losing her mind in the Big Brother house), as when calm minds prevailed, she seemed to be grateful to reunite with Shelli & Clay.  They all realize, smartly, they can only survive with each other in this game.  But I think it’s far too late for that sentiment and even Vanessa is like, I’ll forgive but never forget.

Veto Competition: Game of Throws (ugh…)

BB17_Ep19_VetoComp BB17_Ep19_Veto2 BB17_Ep19_Veto_JamesDecides BB17_Ep19_Veto_JamesWinsShelli & Clay had a fighting chance, but in this situation, they ended up whiffing it pretty bad.  It was a cool comp and I like this one where the prizes can be stolen like in one of those Christmas present games you can play.  The penalty prizes were pretty funny – Jackie ended up having to wear the Armitard and Vanessa had to be her squire and polish her armor for 24 hours.  Shelli got the physical penalty and had to do a knight’s regimen 2400 times in 24 hours or else she loses the opportunity to play in next week’s Veto. Clay won an Ireland vacation and Becky got $5k…and James got Veto.

Damn, James…you’re almost becoming a favorite of this season.  Although your next week might still be rough, regardless.

Wait, What?  Meg & Clay?

BB17_Ep19_JohnObserves BB17_Ep19_MegClay BB17_Ep19_MegClay2 BB17_Ep19_MegClay3Hahahhahahaha!  The second Shelli gets summoned to the Diary Room, DrunkMeg runs over to Clay to comfort him.  He asks her to vote him out instead of Shelli and she refuses…and then proceeds to do everything but jump on him and make out.  She points out that they had a connection since the start, long before that other girl.  You really are working this hard, Meg.  I LOVE IT.  I just almost feel bad for Shelli when she goes home this week (you know she is) and sees this part of the show.  Ruh roh.

One More Shot at Backdooring Austin

BB17_Ep19_ClelliPersuadeJames BB17_Ep19_ShelliSellsAustinOut BB17_Ep19_JamesUnimpressed BB17_Ep19_ClayOnBlanketI do love seeing Clay shirtless on a fluffy pillow.  What’s my point in this section?  I don’t know.  Oh yeah, Shelli & Clay try a Hail Mary of selling out Austin (& Judas) as the mystery votes for Audrey and that you can’t trust him because he might make a promise as Austin but Judas won’t care.  Whatever, it ended up not working.  I’ll give them credit for trying, but James was committed to this week’s course of action: Shelli & Clay must be split up.

Status & Standings:

BB17_Ep19_StandingsHead of Household: James
Nominated for Eviction:  Shelli & Clay
Power of Veto Winner:  James
Veto Used? NOPE

So here we are with Shelli & Clay about to be separated for 2 whole months because whoever leaves next is NOT in the Jury.  They’re vewwy vewwy sad about that.  I do have to chuckle – it is kind of fucked.  Especially when you get Austin’s private thoughts that he’s totally stoked that he & Liz are fosh going into the Jury House together.  Ugh.  Anyway…I’m looking at Steve’s picture and I almost jumped in shock when I saw him on the show the other day.  It’s like, he’s still here?  WHAT A FUCKING WASTE.  Anyway…I think Shelli is going home.  She’s far more masterful of a player and if they had managed the messaging from last week way better and more proactively, it’s likely she’d have been fine.  But everyone knows now, and it’s clear Clay is NOT the brains behind the operations.  And hell, Meg wants her boy candy around, and I don’t blame her for that.  So I’m calling it: Bye, Shelli!

Next, Clelli is no more –>

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