Suspension of Disbelief

Here’s some things that require some suspension of disbelief:

– I went shopping at Bloomingdale’s last night with Larry. He found 2 pairs of jeans and got a great price on them; I have had my eye on a Michael Kors peacoat for the past 2 months and now that there was a sale going on, I knew it was time. The coat was originally $495…I know, yowza. But I knew the sale going on would give me 20% off so I hey, save $100!? Nice. I go to get the coat, and the associate checking us out starts ringing up the first 20% discount, then takes the coupons that Larry had, which knocks off another $100 or so, and THEN takes an additional 15% off the price. I ended up paying, WITH TAX, $250!!!!! I got my sweet coat for 50% off, and that was no clearance sale. I still can’t believe how much I ended up saving.

– Suspending the presidential debates….who does McCain think he’s kidding? Even Letterman said it right: if you’re so bound and determined to help out with the plan to ‘save the economy’, then fine, go and get your face time there. Why not then let Palin continue the campaign in your place? After all, that’s what a VP does, take up the mantle when the Pres is indisposed. She is such a joke (as a VP candidate; I’ll limit my disdain for her to strictly political views in this forum) it is bordering on the ridiculous. He made such a poor choice for a VP candidate. The initial ooohs and ahhhhs of it definitely made for good news cycles, but seriously, there are far better choices he could have made. Anyways….

So there you go, your Thursday morning disbeliefs.

In the meantime, don’t forget to set your DVRs or watch it live: Ugly Betty returns!!!!! Yay. So does Survivor, which is now set in Gabon, Africa, and is FINALLY in HD. Should be pretty sweet.

And how great was Project Runway last night? As much as I despise Kenley, she actually looked pretty damn good when Britney’d out. Kenley could definitely pull that look off. Leann as hip-hop ‘diva’ though….not so much. Entertaining nonetheless.

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