I’m Ready for Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road looks so goddamn amazing and I’m shocked to find myself saying that.  We saw the trailer for it before seeing Ex Machina and it was extremely awesome, prompting one guy in the audience to say, “Hell yeah!”  I was kind of agreeing with him but I didn’t shout it out.  This movie just looks all sorts of insane but all sorts of awesome – and the reviews coming out are pretty much saying the same thing:  This movie is awesome.

Here, take a gander at the trailer I saw a few weeks ago and which is still epic even watching on your computer:

It’s kind of nuts that there’s another Mad Max movie coming out, since the last one came out so long ago (Beyond Thunderdome and “We Don’t Need Another Hero” are decades old at this point!).  But Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron look awesome and the plot looks minimal but compelling…and the effects are nearly all practical and the same director from all the previous Mad Max movies is back for this.

This post was a long way of saying, “Guess what I’m fuckin’ seeing at the movies this weekend?”

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