So You Mighta Heard.. (T-12)

…that NBC is going to give me an offer to work out in NYC! Should actually have something in my hands Monday or Tuesday!

So yes, I finally found out this past Thursday that a job offer was headed my way from NBC! Originally I was supposed to hear from them at the beginning of the week, but apparently they had one more interview to tackle before they could make a decision. Now, I like to tell myself that I won out over other possible candidates, but it’s entirely likely that maybe I’m choice #2 or #3 because maybe the others passed on the job. And who knows, maybe I will, because the one thing that is a possible deal-breaker for me will be if they don’t offer a competitive and reasonable salary. I have heard nothing but how expensive it is to live out there, and from looking at craigslist and, I can attest to that fact. And actually, I am pretty much resigning myself to having to get a roommate, and while I swore I’d never do that again, I think this will just be a necessity. But luckily, I’ve found some very promising places on so far. They aren’t in Manhattan, but actually in New Jersey, one in Hoboken and one in West New York. Both are really nice condominiums with a ton of great amenities, and I’d be able to actually bring my car and have it available, which is highly unlikely in Manhattan. And with the fact that I’d have to work probably in both Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey and at 30 Rock, I’m glad to potentially have the flexibility. So here’s hoping that I get positive word back this week.

Basically, the job search and outprocessing has still dominated my life the past week. I found out how much I’ll actually be getting from the Air Force when I separate with the VSP – taxes suck! So I ended up playing the Powerball to try to make that money back…. and well, that didn’t work out either. But I knew that I’d rather win $245 million over $210 measly million. Seriously. But I’ve been really trying to get other jobs lined up, especially locally in either the Springs or in Denver, as if NBC falls through for some reason, I think I’d rather stay here and live in my house for a few years more and wait out the bad real estate market. And there’s actually plenty of opportunities out there, so again, cross your fingers. I just can’t believe I’m 12 days away from being as Jenny said, a fucking silly civilian!!!!!!

And oh yeah, Big Brother 8 is such a dramatic mess…and I can’t stop watching. Actually, the ridiculous drama seems to have calmed down for the time being though. Have to wait and see if ED will flip out again soon. That’s good stuff.

Here are some pictures that Erin took a few weeks back in July when we had a Group picnic at the Mountain Man Park at Cheyenne Mountain. Turned out pretty good! Thanks Erin!

6 July 2007 – Pics at CMAFS Park

19-Aug-2007 19:31
19-Aug-2007 19:31
19-Aug-2007 19:31
19-Aug-2007 19:31

I also will have some pics up, hopefully tomorrow, that I took from the past few days. Oh, if you haven’t been going to the Shooting Gallery, please start. And also, I have been trying to get myself to write more DVD reviews, and my latest is up for V For Vendetta.

And how could I forget???? Byron, Connie and Aidan came out to the Springs for a few days! Byron will be out here all next week for an inspection he’s doing, but the week before he brought the whole family out. It was great to see them, and they stayed over a few nights which was cool, but then they went camping here at Farish and then up at Estes Park. I should get to see Byron this week as well, so that will be fun. Alright, now it’s late and I’ve got to go to sleep. I better not even look over at my game PC and double click on the Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword icon. I suck at the game but I can’t stop playing it.

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