Great TV Alert: Marry Me

Last night, NBC premiered the new show Marry Me, starring Casey Wilson and Ken Marino.  Holy shit – it’s fucking hilarious.  If you ever watched Happy Endings, just pretend that Casey Wilson is Penny and that she moved to a new town and got engaged.  Larry & I were laughing out loud throughout the episode which doesn’t really happen that much anymore in sitcoms.  Casey Wilson is such an amazing comedian and she gives it her all and even when she’s being insane, she’s always someone you relate to.  And her gifts as a physical comedian are simply stellar:  we had to watch the scene repeatedly where she goes from lying on her bed gorging on chocolate-dipped strawberries to running straight into the wall after getting one last surprise visit.   She’s the best.  All hail the Queen.  MarryMe_Episode1_AnnieStrawberries MarryMe_Episode1_AnnieIntoWallHere’s a link to the pilot episode online in case you somehow managed to miss this!

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