Fun with Wonkette

Wonkette is a hilariously snarky and witty website that pokes extreme amounts of sarcasm and fun at the political issues of the day.  Just today, the headlines alone are hilarious, but the tone of the story within is also worth a read.  I will always thank Michancy for pointing this site out to me, as it really just points out how fucking ludicrous politics can be.

Selected headlines from today:

Appeals Court Mandates That All Californians Get Gay Married

Failed Republican Windbag Karen Handel Self-Aborts From Komen

Staples Co-Founder: Obamacare’s “Lactation Chambers” Will Cost Jobs

This last one alone really had me laughing, especially the comments on the article.  It even starts hilariously, with “Silence, Peons! A Job Creator is Speaking!”  Genius.

So if you want to laugh at politics, please check out Wonkette on a regular basis.  The site is plain hilarity from beginning to end.

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