To Park or To Taxi

I’ve just spent about an hour kvetching over whether to take a cab to the airport next week or to instead try out driving myself there.  For some people, especially those who live at least a half hour away from LAX, there’s a lot easier of a comparison to make, as a cab or SuperShuttle can be quite a bit more affordable than long-term parking, if you’re going to be gone for a while.  But here’s the sitch:  where Larry & I live in Santa Monica, the drive to LAX, especially in the early morning, is like 15 minutes.  20 minutes max.  But the cab rate runs to at least $35 and then factor in a tip.  When coming home from the airport then you have to factor in the annoyance of waiting in a cab line.  I still smile when I remember flying back to Las Vegas (when I lived there) and being able to walk to the long-term lot and smirk in horror at the ginormous taxi line there.  All this is to say that I am going to try out long-term parking, as I’ll only be gone for 5 days.

Where am I going, you ask?  Why, I’m going back to NYC to go get my man and bring him back home.  Okay, that’s just one of the objectives.  Things timed out rather fortunately as the weekend of Feb 11th is also when the illustrious Jeff Crepeau is getting married.  I have not met his wife yet (they’re already married – this is just for the ceremony and parents and friends) so that should be fun.  KD and Melissa Milas will also be going to visit.  No Susan on this trip, but that’s kinda expected and definitely understandable.  I am flying out a few days early though so I can spend some “alone” time with Larry in NYC too.  I booked us a room at the Empire Hotel in the Upper West Side for two nights – it’ll be nice.  Very very nice.  I miss him quite a bit.  If you catch my drift.  And now I’ve entered TMI territory.  Just saying that gone are the days of me being a eunuch.  Oy!

Finally though, Larry will be back in the City of Angels on the 12th, and things will be back to some normalcy.  Yay!

Also, just because there hasn’t been hot guy goodness in a while:


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