Parks & Rec had an “I Love Lucy” moment

at least for me, it did.  Parks & Recreation came back with new episodes finally and it was epic.  Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) is running for city council of Pawnee, Indiana, and her friend and now campaign manager, Ann, booked her to have a speech at a basketball court.  Well, of course nothing goes right, with the first major disaster being that the basketball court was only seasonal and is now a hockey rink.  Second, the red carpet Leslie and team enter on only goes halfway to the dinky wooden stage.  The team’s hilarious shuffle to the stage is punctuated by repeated plays of her welcome music, Gloria Estefan’s “Get On Your Feet”.  An eternity later, she requires help to even get up on the stage since there wasn’t enough wood to build steps.  Finally, the local basketball hero, who gives Leslie his endorsement, goes for a dunk on the basketball net set up on the ice and naturally slips and lands on his back.  At which point “Get On Your Feet” plays yet again.  It was seriously just an awesome scene.  Hopefully tomorrow Hulu will have this available so I can post it here, as it’s hilarious.  I called this an I Love Lucy moment as I was totally laughing out loud for a while as this scene was going on, much like the candy conveyer belt scene.  Okay, probably not going to be comparable in the long view of history, but for now, sitcoms don’t frequently make me laugh for extended periods of time!

This week has been awesome for comedies.  Last night’s Happy Endings was equally hilarious, as was Modern Family.   Great comedies are out there, people.  I wish all of NBC’s slate was that great, but damn, I watched Are You There, Chelsea? and it was godawful.  Whitney was slightly less horrible than normal.  I wish Community was coming back sooner than later, but I can be patient.

The entrance scene:


Leslie’s speech and the disastrous dunk




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