Well, how about that, the first earthquake we’ve had of any significance since being back here in Los Angeles.  I’m not counting the one we felt in San Francisco in 2012, as that’s a whole OTHER CITY!  But yeah, crazy – I had just come back downstairs after joining a few work calls (ugh, being west coast really sucks when the NYC folks have 9am EDT calls) and was about to hop back into bed when as I rounded the corner from the stairs, the telltale earthquake rumble started.  Sometimes I hear that noise and it ends up being because of street traffic, but not this time.  The noise only got stronger and of course, the house started to actually shake.  It didn’t last long enough to get over the shock and fortunately it was only 4.4 but still big enough to make you go hmmm.  Larry was a champ though – he woke up when I exclaimed “Earthquake!” but because it was such a brief quake, it didn’t really get either of us too spun up.

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