Ramen is the BEST

Over the last year, I’ve certainly developed a love of eating ramen and NOT the ol’ college standby stuff like Cup O’Noodles or Top Ramen, although I can’t deny that I freakin’ loved loved loved Beef-flavored Top Ramen.  But that was a simpler, poorer time for me.  Nowadays, I have become a huge fan of finding good ramen restaurants.  At work, for lunch, there is a nearby place in Studio City called Ramen Jinya which is delicious.  In NYC this past trip, Nicki, George & I went to the Ippudo West ramen place.  Tonight, a group of us went to Silverlake Ramen.  It was amazing.  We also had some appetizers of fried gyoza (SOOOO GOOOD) and crispy rice with spicy tuna sushi.  Decadent and delicious, as every meal should be.

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