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Black Lives Matter

As a white man, I know I have privilege just due to the color of my skin.   It is not a surprise that across our country (hell, the world) massive protests are occurring against the police brutality and systemic racist policies in place that keep this 400+ year system in place.  It’s always been rigged to favor whites and/or the rich, and things have only gotten glaringly worse with income inequality gap growing ever wider as policies are pushed by governments to enshrine that.

This video featuring Kimberly Jones is amazing – the end of the video has gone viral, but the entirety of this 7 minute video is quite worth watching:

I’ve been blown away by what’s going on.    The shocking videos we see of police brutality, not just of George Floyd’s murder, but throughout our history, have desensitized us to the fearsome police force that has been put in place.  I’d love to believe it’s just a few bad apples, but not enough good apples are doing anything about it to stop or improve things.   I can’t write a dissertation on all that ails us as I do not have that experience or knowledge, but reading and listening and doing what I can (I’ve donated for money for bail funds, campaign fundraisers and more to help with the protests and to ensure that on November 3, we get that fucker out of office and most of his friends too) is where I’m at now.

This past Monday when we had our first curfew and that fucker threatened to use the military against American citizens (and yes, I say citizens and not just the “rioters” and “looters” – we can all see for ourselves that the police are NOT making a distinction between peaceful protesters and troublemakers) was not a good day for me.   I got far too drunk and got really emotional about everything – not just our current fucked-up state, but Larry, my mom, the Covid pandemic…it’s all a lot to deal with, and it’s not like there’s an ending in sight.    But I, as are we all, am persisting, with the help of friends, coworkers, and some family.  Let’s hope and work so we can all through this together, in a better place.

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