A Downtown Day

Note:  I’m writing this from April 2020 – I did not post much of anything at all on my site during 2019 as Larry’s illness, my mom’s issues, and just general malaise kept my website motivation low. 

I don’t typically post about going to work, but this day I guess I took a good set of pictures throughout the day.   I was alone at this point still, as Larry was back east recuperating and I was holding down my job.   During this period of time, I was busy with code reviews.  But I like to head in and catch up with people so that’s what I do.  Bonus, I learned that the parking lot at Universal City Red Line station is only $3 for the day, so I started going there to commute into DTLA versus continuing to take the Metrolink.    I had been doing the Metrolink from the Van Nuys station – it works fine, but there are only a few trains that go in, and if for some reason you miss it, or that train gets cancelled, you’re screwed, whether it’s going to work or trying to leave.  The Red Line subway is far more frequent and even if it’s delayed, you’re still going to get a train eventually.   Anyway, it’s nice to have that flexibility and it’s nice to see my old work location, if not bittersweet at times.

I think this day while I was there, I ended up grabbing drinks with Derrick after work at the Grand Wilshire’s lobby bar up on its 70th floor.  It’s so great.

Sept 16, 2020 DTLA Pics:

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