Scrabble Saturday

It was a very chill day.   Michancy has been staying with us for the weekend, along with Fran and Joel.  Larry’s energy level was pretty low as is to be expected in the mornings and early afternoon.  After I made some pancakes, and even Larry had some, Fran and Joel joined Jon, Alyssa, Stacey and Rachel for fun at the LA Zoo.  I did not want to go as my lower back was still tight and walking that much is not comfortable.  So Michancy and I stayed back (did yoga to help relieve my lower back and I think it helps) and hung out.  Watched a lot of TV – Mandalorian, Castle Rock, and then ST:TNG.  Good stuff.  Got Chipotle for the crew, and then folks started streaming back home.  It was nice.  Sounds like the LA Zoo was a hit.  Mila ended up coming over around 5 to visit, and it was a very nice evening.  Larry’s energy was up by then, which was great.  Played Scrabble w/ Michancy – I won.  :-).  Larry did a rendition of the Christopher Walken Census sketch from SNL and it was like, there he is, there’s Larry.  He’s so skinny.

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