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Big Brother 15: It’s Elissa’s World

Episode 26 – August 25, 2013

Holy Hell, I did NOT see this coming.  At all.   In all of my run-throughs in the Barnes-O-Matic 3000 (nothing but the best for me) Elissa never proved capable of doing anything momentous….and DAMN girl, you just made your sister proud.  Am I jumping the gun?  Okay, I’ll do a slight backtrack just so I capture the moments we all felt as this past Sunday’s episode unspooled.

The Tension-Filled Yet Aggravating HoH Challenge

bb15_ep26_hohchallengeI made it pretty clear that I was not a fan of the fact that a juror was returning into the game.  Doesn’t mean that I wasn’t completely transfixed and on the edge of my seat the entire time that challenge was going on.

Welcome Back, Judd!

Regarding the Competing Jurors:  I was a bit bummed that Helen was out so quickly after Jessie.  I thought that Helen would have had the best chance to do anything worthwhile upon her return.  As for Jessie, meh.  Coming down to between Candice and Judd, neither had compelling reasons for revenge or to come back in.  So it really came down, for me, to who I liked more.  Judd wins that contest as he’s such a cute goofball.   As most of the houseguests noted though, Judd is a wildcard.  It’s a primary reason he got evicted in the first place, which hopefully is a warning to him to make a move.  As we’ll talk about later, it seems he is doing so.

Elissa, the HoH!!!!

Regarding the Competing Houseguests: So yeah, 3AM, when your alliance is dependent upon Amanda winning for you to stay in power, that means you’re in a bad position.  Admittedly, Amanda lasted the longest out of all of you so that was at least a hopeful sign, but yeah, it’s also Amanda.  I have to give her credit too for hanging in so long on such a brutal competition.  Those platforms were doing everything they could to throw people off not to mention then moving while the balls were flying at them.  And of course they were also getting sprayed with water.  That was a seriously fucked-up challenge in terms of difficulty.  It makes it even more impressive when ELISSA dominates.  Jessie had a decent run but fell off so quickly.  Amanda even managed to do kinda well with actually catching balls as GinaMarie seemed to just be hanging on for dear life – I think her strategy was to hope the other two girls fell off at the end.

So there we are, Judd is back in the house and Elissa (!) is the new HoH!!!!  Guess who wasn’t thrilled about that?

3AM is Most Displeased

Aaryn was all sorts of bummed during this competition.  She knew that she’d be a target of any of the returning jurors – but Judd was likely the biggest threat to her game as she was “bathing in his blood” especially with his epic blindsiding.   McCrae was like, eh, I’ve got Amanda to hide behind, so I’m cool.  Andy realized his game was going to be in jeopardy especially when he realized Helen was telling the other jurors that Andy couldn’t be trusted.  And Amanda….poor Amanda.  Once Elissa won HoH, Amanda was completely correct in that this week, she has absolutely no power over the HoH.  She was finally going to be in a position that almost everyone else in the house has had to deal with, and that’s the position of “what the hell is going to happen?”  Guess what, Amanda doesn’t like that at all.

bb15_ep26_elissajuddGuess also what??  I FUCKING LOVED THIS TURN OF EVENTS.  Despite Judd’s blindside, the last month in the BB15 house has been extremely predictable.  I was no good with predicting most of the actual evictions, but it wasn’t as if the person evicted was a complete surprise.  That’s because 3AM has been in control almost this entire time.  Really, Elissa or Judd being HoH was the only way that the house would be put in chaos, and YAY for Elissa winning.  Seeing Amanda effectively quit the game was joyous, as while I like Amanda, she’s been FAR too smug about her position.  McCrae has been wise to keep that attitude to a minimum but she can’t help herself.

It was extremely entertaining to see McCranda tell Elissa what a huge mistake it would be to put either of them up against Elissa’s primary target of Aaryn as likely Aaryn would stay.  Were they willingly ignoring Elissa’s complete lack of caring at that “terrible” outcome?  I cackled when Elissa told us in the DR that Amanda clearly isn’t realizing that she is Target #2 if Aaryn isn’t evicted, so win-win!  McCranda do get an A for Effort in trying to still preserve the 3AM alliance by proposing GinaMarie as a suitable nominee next to Aaryn.  It just was never going to happen.

And your 3AM Nominees are…

Nominee #1: Aaryn
Nominee #2: McCrae

So Elissa made some bold moves and nominated people from the 3AM alliance, even if she’s totally unaware that’s a thing.  Larry doesn’t have much confidence in Elissa’s strategic (or otherwise) intelligence, and frankly, I’m a tad skeptical, but I think she & Helen had plenty of time to discuss this possible turn of events, so she should be good for now.  These are good nominees.  I think Elissa will realize that Aaryn isn’t the best target and is possibly someone to work with.  Larry & I talked about this and it seems that Elissa and Judd (who seem to be in a good situation with each other as two lonely islands that need each other) could make use of another pretty powerful lonely island (Aaryn) who isn’t all that thrilled to be stuck with McCranda.  If Elissa could deal with working with Aaryn, that could be a pretty good alliance.

McCrae also finally got a nomination, and I’d be worried if I were him.  He has to win the Veto to stay safe, and in order to preserve his McCranda duo, Amanda is the one who has to win Veto and take him down.  Otherwise?  If Veto isn’t used, McCrae could likely go home.  If it is used and not by Amanda, then Amanda is going up.  I’m very curious to see what happens tonight.   And I just KNOW that Rachel Reilly was dying when Elissa won – especially since it was a victory in such a physically demanding HoH challenge.

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