Big Brother 15: Judd the Dud

Episode 11 – July 21, 2013

Our HoH, Judd
Our HoH, Judd

The Reluctant HoH

Judd is proving to be eventful as HoH this week only because his reign really isn’t going to shake things up or cause any drama.  You could see he was noticeably pained at the fact that the spotlight was on him.  Frankly, Judd’s likely the way I’d be if I was ever forced to participate in this trainwreck of a show.  You see, I’m just not cut out for this kind of a reality show.  Amazing Race?  Sure.  But that’s about it.  Big Brother, Survivor, Wipeout….no gracias.  I’m not sure what the producers of the show were looking for and what they saw within Judd, but he comes across as a nice, normal guy.  What kind of monster puts him in a house full of insane mofos?

The other houseguests are just as perplexed as to what to do with Judd as we are.  Amanda went straight to work on Judd, highlighting who she says is the house’s main target, Howard.  I’m not so sure that the “whole house” has Howard as a target, but certainly, Amanda is smart to get rid of other competing power couples within the house.  Howard and Candice may not be romantic just yet, but they’ve got a strong bond, one that could prove problematic down the line to her and McCrae.  Spencer is potentially a third to that duo, at least with regards to bonds.  I agree with….whoever said that Amanda was coming on a bit strong though.   I think it’s clear that Amanda can play this game and definitely rolls with the punches, which is why even though when the nominations came and Howard wasn’t among them, she wasn’t enraged.  She’d certainly like it if Judd played her way, but now she’s counting on the MVP to make it happen.  I am pretty sure that Howard won’t be America’s choice and it’ll likely be Aaryn, but since she’s already nominated, I’m not certain who ended up in 2nd or 3rd place.

That HaveNot Competition

bb15_ep11_havenotWhat the hell was that?  I for sure thought it was headed to be the gross food challenge – instead we got treated to people scarfing down two flavors of soft serve….and in particular, the hoover that was GinaMarie.  Unreal how she was putting that soft serve down.   The fact that the goal of the challenge was to gain the most weight was hilarious.  And disgusting.  Also, is Big Brother going to put the NeverHaveNot Pass back out there since Jeremy is gone?


Nominee #1: Aaryn
Nominee #2: Kaitlin

Judd ended up going with what he wanted to do and nominated the mean girls.  Not a big surprise.  I still think that these two have a strong chance of making it much farther into the game as they seem a bit more strategic than GinaMarie, who is likely going to be the 3rd nominee.  I guess we’ll see.

Overall though, this week is proving to be much more slower-paced than the past insane previous weeks.  Maybe it’s good to have a breather.  I still expect to see the knives come out when the majority turns on itself.  I think the house won’t be ready for when Amanda comes after them.

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