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Rachel Got Pawned

BB20 – Ep 17 – August 2, 2018

You know, people who become pawns always fret that “pawns go home,” and it’s true, but I think a big big part of it is self-fulfilling prophecy.  Obviously we saw Rachel storm out of the house and then that whole super-bitchy goodbye message from Angela, but I think we only ended up here because Rachel was unable to keep herself from flipping the fuck out being on the block.  So she ended up annoying her alliance and getting tossed out.  It sucks for her, but I really don’t see her as some grand victim.  She just played herself out of the house, much like Angela said.

Lots of Brett Pics

Brett is hot.  Here he is very sad about still being on the block.

The voting members of Level 6 discuss who to keep.  Angela is firmly on Team Brett, as are Kaycee and Tyler.  Sorry, Rachel.  Am I shocked they’d keep Brett?  Frankly, yes, due to his physical threat and clear deviousness.  But it seems the rationale was that Rachel isn’t chill enough to stay without hurting their game.

Jesus.  I’m gonna need a fan here.  This is Brett learning about Bayleigh’s power from Tyler, which we see him weaponize later on.

Here’s Brett and Haleigh hanging out all night on the hammock.  That’s Brett knowing full well this is driving Faysal insane.

There’s Faysal unable to sleep so he keeps walking by to look outside into the backyard.  Brett is a menace, and he’s been able to singlehandedly get FOUTTE’s remnants to keep splintering with his ability to get them to doubt each other.  Gotta give it to Level 6 that they rarely ever freak out on each other unless one of them decides to just get consumed by anxiety, but in terms of internal suspicion about each other, they’re pretty good about staying solid.

Bitchy Farewell to Rachel

Unbeknownst to Rachel, Level 6 wasn’t interested in keeping her and they got their hangers-on JC and Sam to also vote their way to evict her.  So Rachel thought Brett’s revelation of Bayleigh’s power and his lie about the “Maneaters” was a last gasp attempt by Brett to stay in – nope, just Brett throwing molotovs into the house.

Rachel stormed out immediately upon hearing the vote, not saying goodbye to anyone.   Julie looked kind of unsure about if the poor girl was about to snap, but Rachel did calm down enough to have one of the more enjoyable interviews of the season thus far.   She was livid, she was in shock, she was blindsided…

…and then we got Angela’s goodbye message, which was all sorts of mean and catty.  No mincing words here – Angela was really bitchy in this.  Now, was it possible this is Angela feeling betrayed by Rachel so here’s Angela thinking she’s letting Rachel know she didn’t fall for her lies?   Which we know there weren’t any and Rachel passed on info that she thought was true.  Unfortunately for Rachel, Tyler was involved and no one ever doubts Tyler.  So Angela thought Rachel lied about Tyler and Angela, and Angela was like DONE.  Which kind of blows my mind a little?   If you guys really were a final 2, don’t you think you’d at least try to get more info to base your decision upon?  In this case, Angela clearly didn’t need to hear more and was done with Rachel.  I’m interested to see, after the show is over, if they make up.  I think once everyone learns about what’s really going on, there may be a chance to be friends.  In the meantime though?  Yikes.

And You Thought Rachel Was Mad Before?

Ha, this was pretty much the salting of the earth upon which Rachel had died.  Instead of there being some kind of continued karma against the members of Level 6, the opposite happened and Angela of all people won HoH.  This should be interesting…because everyone knows about Bayleigh’s power.  Does Bayleigh use it?  Can she figure out the right strategy to use it?  Will Bayleigh realize she can’t trust Tyler?  I personally think Bayleigh HAS to use it this week – but she could potentially broker some kind of deal in which she agrees to not use it if Angela puts up floaters (Sam, JC, Scottie).  I doubt any of that will happen considering the Tyler factor – NO ONE IS ON TO HIM.  It’s crazy.

Status & Standings:

Outgoing Head of Household:  Bayleigh
Nominated for Eviction:  Rachel & Brett
Evicted:  Rachel (5-4, with Angela, Tyler, Kaycee, JC and Sam voting Rachel out)
New Head of Household:  Angela

This could be a very interesting week.  Angela reemerges from the broadcast shadows and might have to contend with Bayleigh’s Power, which could also flush out Tyler’s Power too.  I don’t have a ton of confidence that the right strategy will win out though, as Bayleigh will somehow still trust Tyler, and part of me thinks Scottie will think of the right way to play it but she’ll think he’s one of the flippers.   I don’t think FOUTTE will think Tyler or JC were flippers, which amuses me.

Rachel was delightful with Frankie Grande and Marissa though.

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