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Loose Lips Save Bayleigh’s Ship

BB20 – Ep 16 – August 1, 2018

I enjoyed this episode, as there was plenty of annoying drama, what looked like a fun Veto, and a surprising turn of events heading into the Veto Ceremony leading to a decision that definitely got swayed by the purest of happenstance.

First, Drama

Rachel has definitely been getting more airtime recently – FAR more than Angela or Kaycee.  But it’s starting to be pretty unflattering for Rachel here as she’s all reaction and drama when she needs to chill the fuck out.  Being on the block has broken the poor woman and she is having a hard time not annoying the shit out of everyone.   CHILL.

And then there was this bit of nonsense, when Faysal decides to lord it over JC that he alone saved him from being one of Bayleigh’s nominees.  JC isn’t buying this one bit and pushes back, but Faysal is such a terrible player that he starts talking about how he made sure Bayleigh didn’t do it.   JC sees the potential to fracture Faysal from Bay and Hay, which of course he immediately seizes on and innocently lets Bayleigh know what Faysal told him.  It works like a charm.

Bayleigh wakes up Faysal and lays into him as she’s pissed that others are getting the impression she’s Faysal’s bitch.  Faysal is like, really, really bad at this game.  I had to laugh when JC was mocking Faysal finally playing the game and being so proud about it.  I am not sure how much this weakens that grouping (Faysal, Haleigh, Bayleigh and Rockstar) but it certainly doesn’t help.

Tyler the Master

Bayleigh thinks Tyler is on her team so she wants to make sure he is on board for not using the Veto if he wins it.   He of course is on board…to her face.   As this screenshot from the Big Brother FB feed summarizes, GIRL, YOU’RE BEING PLAYED.  Masterfully, too.  Tyler is soooo this season’s Derrick.  I’m loving it.

And then when it looked like Tyler might not get picked to play Veto, he does!  Bayleigh is thrilled, but has no idea that Tyler is fully ready to take one of Level 6 off and figure out a way to get Bayleigh to put up a floater like Scottie.  Tyler’s plan to make Bayleigh think that Scottie was his best friend was pretty damn clever – knowing that if that is in her head, once he betrays her at the Veto, she’ll think she’s getting back at him by nominating Scottie.   I was both dreading this happening while also hoping it did.  But I get ahead of myself!

The Goober Veto

I loved this Veto.  The production is getting a lot of bang for their buck on these miniature building sets this season, which gets a big thumbs up from me.   Then you get to build a road out of puzzle pieces and if you choose the wrong path, railroad crossing gates come down and you have to reroute?  Then, you have to drive your 4 evicted houseguests to the party via the route you just built?   LOVED IT.

Sam did not do well in this competition, but the fact that they did this cracks me the hell up.

When all was said and done, Rachel, JC, and Sam were awful, while Bayleigh did pretty good.  Brett had a shot at winning and definitely needed it, but in the end, Tyler won easily.  And now it seemed like we were destined to see more of Tyler’s machinations come to fruition and possibly see Scottie getting backdoored.  But first!

The Reckless Confidence Paid Off…?

So Rachel heard from Bayleigh that Tyler had thrown up Angela’s name as who Bayleigh should replace Brett with (which is half true, but still), so Rachel goes to Angela in full freak out, and then Angela goes to Kaycee, and Angela is like I don’t believe that Tyler is saying that, and Kaycee agrees, so Angela is like I’m tired of Rachel, Kaycee agrees, and then Angela tells Tyler this and he’s freaking out that Rachel is blowing up his game, but THEN Rachel and Angela are talking and Rachel tells Angela about Bayleigh’s secret power (about hijacking nominations) and so Angela promises not to tell but of course she immediately runs over to Tyler to tell him, which makes him realize holy shit Bayleigh could get some serious revenge if she feels Tyler betrayed her by using the Veto so he decides not to use the Veto.   WHEW.   That’s a literal translation of what I would have said to someone if they asked and was much easier to type than trying to do some formal breakdown of that nonsense.

So in the end, Level 6 members remained on the block because Tyler wasn’t about to needlessly put himself in danger for any of you two yahoos after haphazardly learning about something Bayleigh recklessly confided to Rachel.  Kinda nuts.

If it was me, it seems that Brett is the obvious choice to get rid of, for pretty much all the house.  Not sure why Rachel confided in Bayleigh (!!!) of all people that Brett is the best for her game, but as Bayleigh pointed out, that’s not the case for every one else! But Rachel has been kinda schizo lately, so maybe cut your losses now?  Honestly not sure how it’s gonna play out tonight.

Status & Standings:

Head of Household:  Bayleigh
Nominated for Eviction:  Brett & Rachel
Power of Veto Winner:  Tyler
Veto Used?  Nope

Who’s going to be our last non Jury member?  In just a few hours, we’ll know!

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