Piss off, DOMA and Prop 8

It is a pretty awesome day with regards to gay rights, what with the Supreme Court having ruled DOMA unconstitutional and basically saying “meh” to Prop 8’s appeal.

Some links about the story:




And gotta love Wonkette’s always-hilarious take:


For me though, the timing of the Supreme Court’s revealed decisions was at 7am this morning, so I got to watch history happen with Larry.  Cried lots of happy tears.  Mom called and there were more tears.  I know that I’ve got it pretty good and I am well aware of that, but the ending of these pieces of legislation really does put us on equal footing with the rest of “straight” America.  As many point out though, this is certainly not the end of the road, and there are 37 more states to go.  I’m just glad to finally have the bad memory from Election Night 2008 (Prop 8’s passing) get overwritten with this happy memory from 2013.

In the meantime though, I’m going to bask in the glow of a very good day.

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