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A Mild, January Day (MM)

This morning, Larry & I woke up and it was warm.  WARM.  WT Fuck?  Just a few weeks ago – it was freakin’ cold.  And this morning, I wake up and it’s warm?  Sure enough, today was a nice day where the temperature was near the 50s.  It was so mild, the run we went on was pretty much awesome.  Too cold and running is uncomfortable and I’d rather not.  But weather like this, where it’s chilly yet not hot..? Awesome.  I am running only one lap around the park for now, but I obviously have to pick up the pace a bit in order to have any hope of completing the half marathon this March.  What is weird is that I can get to the 4- or 5-mile mark and if I press through, I am set.  And today, I really really wanted to stop at that point again.  I made myself keep running though…it could have been the fairly attractive guy running ahead of me.  Believe me, sometimes that is all the motivation I need.  LOL.  Regardless, that little motivation kept me running so I was able to complete the circuit.  And I felt great after that momentary lull and finished quite well.  Larry is a maniac though and can do two laps around the park.  Yowza.  I need to get to that point over the next few months.  I have to!

In some other news, Miss Mila had a baby girl on Friday!  I am so happy for her.  I wonder if she’s ready to keep churning out the babies now.  It seems, from my limited observation, that women either want to keep popping out those babies afterward or they’re one-and-done.  Guess we’ll see!

Larry & I just finished watching Moon.  An interesting movie and I’m glad I knew very little about it going in, besides the fact that I knew that Sam Rockwell’s character talks to himself.  That, my friends, is most definitely not a complete and thorough description of what is happening in this movie.  I read afterwards this movie was made for $5 Million.  That is amazing especially considering it’s a sci-fi movie set completely on the moon.

And what the hell is going on with my damn employer?  I am still Team Conan.  I wish he wasn’t going to be leaving, but it seems that’s what’s happening.

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