Big Brother 14 – Ep 26

Now this is what I was excited to see – what really happened during the previous episode when the craziness of the Double Elimination was going on.  As I mentioned in my last post, I didn’t really find the Double Elimination all that compelling.  Nothing dramatic was shown to us…THEN.  But this episode more than made up for that.  As you can see by this exasperated Jenn here, she was also frustrated at how things were playing out in that elimination as it truly was a wasted opportunity for Dan to do some damage.  She knew it, he knew it….but now we at least know more about what happened.  But first!

Outgoing Head of Household: Dan
New Head of Household: Ian
Nominated for Eviction:  Jenn & Shane

Episode 26 – September 9, 2012

So with the handy time machine that CBS used to transport us back to Thursday’s live show, we see that poor Jenn here realizes her time is almost up after her buddy Frank is evicted.  She talks to Dan and is reassured that next on the list to go is Ian.  Uh, what?  So Dan wins HoH and the plan seems to be fairly clear for everyone but Ian – Ian is the true target but don’t tell anybody that.  Dan tells this to Jenn, Shane, and Danielle – all of them.  All of them!?!  Seriously, wtf are you thinking?  Why do I think this is a terrible idea?  Because Dan obviously is not noticing that Jenn is getting pissed…as well as the fact that Shane is kinda stupid.  Hot, but really not that bright.  When he nominates Ian and Joe for nomination and then Ian wins Veto, everyone scrambles to Dan to ensure he makes a power move.  But then, THEN, he asks Danielle her thoughts – is she ready to lose her snuggle buddy?  It turns out that Danielle is just not yet ready to make a decision on this (Dan or Shane) and Dan goes with it, choosing instead to nominate…Danielle.

So here we have, in one move, two people that get pissed at Dan.  Jenn gets majorly annoyed because she was ready to take Shane out and he would have been powerless to stop it. Joe was a non-factor in being a threat, so Dan’s opportunity was perfect.  But he didn’t act, and Jenn has to realize that something is up.  Then there’s Danielle, who once again is not in on Dan’s plan.  She’s just as surprised this time as all the other times.  But will lil’ ol’ Danielle ever get a clue as to the fact that she’s just a DanPuppet?  Hardly.   That’s what makes this episode also very frustrating, but more on that later.

With both Frank and Joe out of the house now, it’s time for the HoH Competition.  It’s called “Memory Lane” and requires the houseguests to remember which Day # a certain event occurred.  They then have to roll a ball down a chute and tilt the chute at the right time to have the ball fall into the corresponding slot #.  As you can easily imagine, correctly timing the ball drop is key here.  Danielle quickly accrues penalty points (not a good thing), as does Jenn.  This leaves Shane and Ian head-to-head, with Ian eventually messing up a shot so that they end up tied.  With a tiebreaker question now in play, Ian adorably prays for victory – and after a perfectly-timed commercial break, we find out that Ian does indeed beat Shane for HoH.  For Ian’s sake, you know that was critical for his survival.  He’s definitely the Janelle of this season now that Frank is gone, pulling off the wins when he absolutely has to.  While he is safe this week, I am pretty sure he’s fucked next week.  None of the remaining contestants want him around as he’ll be impossible to beat and next week, he can’t compete for HoH.  His only chance is to win Veto, and with his Photographic Memory and the likelihood the challenge could be the PhotoSmash, he’s got a good chance of still saving himself.

After Ian gets his HoH room, a THIRD Pandora’s Box shows up.  Alright, CBS, enough already with this.  Two of them is already overkill, but a third?  Was there really nothing of note to occur in the house that this had to happen?  And Ian!  IAN!  What were you possibly thinking when you opened the door?  As a self-proclaimed fan of the show, you had to have known, since you opened the last Pandora’s Box yourself and it was a good one, that this was going to be a bad one, at least for the HoH.  And of course the “call from a loved one with encouragement” wasn’t going to be from your parents.  And seriously, even if it was, it’s almost the end.  I think you can make it.  So I loved that it turned out to be Rachel Reilly, the winner of last season.  I loved that she played on her own image and that CBS remixed her laugh to repeat over and over.  I also loved that he kept getting beat down the more tips he got from Rachel.  YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER.  In the meantime, everyone else got recordings from their loved ones and even Dan cried, for reals.  Allegedly.

It’s finally time for nominations and it seems Dan has done a beautiful job of pivoting Ian’s inclination of nominating him  as a “payback” by making sure everyone bombards him with how much of a better target Shane is.  I seriously can’t believe this is working.  I seriously can’t believe Ian is partnered with Dan and that NO ONE ELSE HAS TOLD IAN ABOUT DAN’S TRUE INTENTIONS DURING HIS HOH.  I mean, at this point, there’s only 5 people left.  Everyone remaining is well aware that Dan is a threat.  Yet he’s masterfully convinced each and everyone still there that he’s with them. That’s brilliant.  Yet here we have bitter Jenn, who knows she’s on the block no matter what.  Why not sell out Dan and propose your own deal with Ian, knowing full well that Shane and Danielle are a likely unbreakable duo?  Or Danielle…why not grow a backbone and stop this whole Sophie’s Choice thing you’re completely overreacting about?  Hmm…either your fake fake FAKE showmance or the coach who has numerously duped you, quite publicly.  WHAT a choice.  You definitely could make a strong argument for the win if you took some power right now and sold Dan out too.  As it is – no one is going to vote for you as you haven’t done anything without it being clearly due to Dan.  And Ian….I think your naivete is the reason you can’t see how much Dan wants to get you out of the house.  The whole “Renegades” alliance Dan is recycling from his previous season?  COME ON.   Remember that he ended up beating Memphis at the end?  Handily?  Dan SOOOO deserves this game but I’d fucking love it if someone made a move to get rid of him.  That would win you the money right then and there, especially with folks like Britney on the jury.


HG Comments
Dan – You’ve made brilliant moves.  Yet I can’t stop hoping someone makes the game-winning move to take you out.  Your smarmy face is so punchable at times.
Danielle – Oh girl….I wish you could see just how little chance you have of winning even if you make it to the Final 2.  And oh yeah, your Sophie’s Choice is truly sad.  Now believe you me, I can see that Shane, objectively, is worth salivating over.  But he doesn’t feel anything for you.  And Dan?  Well, his arm is so far up your….back.  Speak, puppet!
Ian – Dan likely will win and deserves it, but I’m pulling for you to get to the end (and if you do, it’ll probably be with Dan) and upset Dan’s win by masterfully laying out your case.  But seriously, almost nothing will beat Dan’s almost-miraculous save and eviction of Britney.   Get rid of him.  How can everyone not see this??? You won’t beat Dan.
Jenn – Why haven’t you told Ian about Dan’s deception?????  I almost wrote that you still had no chance even if you were responsible for Dan’s eviction, but you know what…if you’re up against Danielle?  You just may have a chance.  Turn on Dan tonight and get Ian to backdoor him.
Shane – I still think you’re a terrible player.  First Britney and now Danielle are the two reasons you’ve survived as long as you have.  Sure, you did pull out some amazing Veto and HoH wins….a month ago…but now?  Just a himbo.  A gorgeous, muscular himbo.  And you’re even failing on that?  Why are you wearing shirts?  Do something scandalous while just wearing underwear.  What, is this your first rodeo?
Joe – Evicted 9th, 11th out of the House.  4th Jury member.
Frank – Evicted 8th, 10th out of the House.  3rd Jury member.
Britney – Evicted 7th, 9th out of the House.  2nd Jury member.
Ashley – Evicted 6th, 8th out of the House.  1st Jury member.
Mike Boogie – Evicted 5th, 7th out of the House.
Wil – Evicted 4th, 6th out of the House.
Janelle – Evicted 3rd, 5th out of the House.
JoJo – Evicted 2nd, 4th out of the House.
Willie – Eliminated. Effectively 3rd out of the House.
Kara – 1st Houseguest Evicted, 2nd out of the House
Jodi – Not really Evicted – but 1st out of the House

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