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Cupcakes Across the Street (MM)

It’s not a safe thing to find out you have a Magnolia Bakery-esque cupcake joint right across the street from where you live.  If you know of or have heard of Magnolia Bakery – they are a popular cupcake bakery that makes sinfully delicious cupcakes.  Well, there’s a place literally ACROSS the street from me called Buttercup Bakery (Princess Buttercup!) and Larry and I finally partook in their cupcake goodness on Friday night.  And again today.  Holy crap.  The frosting is crack.  They even do sell it in shots.  Like you get a shotglass of the icing.  And you’re happy about this.  So now I really have to keep up my running regimen as if I don’t, and I continue to go to the bakery, well, Houston, we’ll have a problem.

It’s now about 11PM on Sunday night and I’m probably not going to head to sleep immediately.  I will finish the blog post first, then probably play a little bit more of Uncharted 2 on the PS3, which I have to say is a lot of fun.  It’s a Tomb Raider/Indiana Jones game but a whole lot more fun than either of those.  Well, I guess that comparison is only fair for the last Indiana Jones movie.  Larry ended up making a London Broil with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus and it was fantastic.  I picked us up some Montepulciano wine, the same as I had at my office party at Knickerbockers a few weeks back.  Good stuff that is!

I so love that Larry likes to cook and actually is VERY good at it.  I’m a lucky guy.  I love that Larry.

This weekend up here in NYC it was all sorts of rainy and dreary, so it wasn’t a weekend where you wanted to go out and do too much.  We did make it to Central Park yesterday for running (me for 6 miles, Larry for 12) but other than that, it’s been a mellow weekend.  Yay.  After this week at work, it was nice. Hopefully it’s a nice week at work upcoming.

This week will be a fun one for the videogames I like to play.  Beatles: Rock Band is finally getting its first downloadable content in the form of the entire Abbey Road album!  How sweet is that!?  On the same day, you can also get a Queen 10-pack of songs for the regular Rock Band 2.  Sweet.  I think Windows 7 is also coming out very soon.  I’m still loving the hell out of my new MacBook Pro.  It’s got such ease of use.  It’s also ridiculously powerful.

Okay, now I’m just rambling.  Word to your mom.

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