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Scandal: OG Olivia is Back

Last night’s Scandal was a very entertaining episode as a lot of great interactions occurred, including those between Mellie & Fitz, but let’s be honest:  that scene when Olivia has HAD IT with the two blackmailing parents is the shit.  The absolute best and it was so satisfying to see her just Shut. It. Down.



The Fall TV Season is well underway now and last night was all Shondaland for Larry & me.  It was a fantastic night of TV with Scandal returning as well as the new show, How To Get Away With Murder.  No Grey’s Anatomy for us as hello, no thanks.

No recaps from me on these shows as that’s just too much and I’m not good at them, especially when there are others who write about them beautifully, like:

The author, Danielle Henderson, is absolutely hilarious.  I’m definitely going to her at Vulture for my Scandal recap needs (and I just saw that she also recapped Broad City for them too – zomg)!  As for HTGAWM, it’s off to a strong start and very compelling.  Plus – Gay Sex!  Hello, 2014 Network Television!!

Scandal, Season 3

The bingefest continues of Scandal, the crazy soap opera that we finally dove into.  I thought seasons 1 and 2 were wild romps through a fictitious and crazy Washington, DC, but DAMN….Season 3 has blown those two seasons away in the sheer insanity of all the shit that’s going down.  The things going on with the Vice President, Olivia’s family, Quinn and Huck, Cyrus and Mellie…..I mean, I don’t think they’ve left one dramatic thing out this season.  And we’re likely only halfway through this season!   Ridiculous.  I was thinking about putting Scandal on pause so we could watch Season 2 of Orange is the New Black, but I think we’re going to have to finish before we stop.  Because DAMN.

Seeing Scandal, Finally

Nicki has been singing the praises of the show Scandal for quite a while now, even going so far as to make sure Larry & I had the first 2 seasons readily available.  Finally now that most shows have entered summer break, we have a bit more television time to devote to those shows that have been missed.  Scandal is one of those missed series, along with The Americans and Hannibal.  The list goes on, but those three are really high.  Well, we just binge-watched the very first season of Scandal and WOW – that is some damn fine entertaining TV.  Not even sure what’s going to happen next as there was some crazy shit going down – it’s just fortunate that there are another two seasons ready for viewing.  CAN’T WAIT to see what else Olivia Pope and her Gladiators get up to or into next.