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Date #3 – Advertising Guy

Oh yes, Advertising Guy (aka Larry) is a keeper. Me likey a lot. And in the course of 3 dates, I’ve made it further than poor Jenny with her Dude. WTH is up with that guy? Anyways, not a slam against Jennyfer, as I just think Dude may play for my team or he’s retarded. Those are not the same thing, btw.

As it seems to have turned out with the guys I’ve been really liking when dating, the damn guy’s birthday was within the first two weeks of us going out. WTF?! But I didn’t stress too bad, and I think it was a fun birthday for him. We ended up going out to eat and then to this Piano Bar named Frankie’s that was freakin’ awesome.

But I won’t kiss and tell (too much) – just that it was fun and I like Mr. Larry a lot. But I’m taking things slow, actually, and letting things develop on an unrushed pace. It’s kind of nice. And what’s cool – he’s just as big a geek as me. In a good way. Obviously. Yay for chemistry.com!

Congrats Mom!

I won’t go into details because my Mom would virtually kick my ass…okay, there’s no virtual about it, she’d just kick my ass…but I have to say a big Congrats to my Mom and I can’t say why. But she’s happy so I’m happy.

And there was one of two good things that happened today. EVERYTHING ELSE WAS SHIT.

But this weekend was fantastic. I spent a good amount of time with ‘someone special’ (hint hint) and it was a great great thing. Besides that though, I spent the majority of the weekend doing very little – I played a lot of GTA4 and FINALLY made it to the Manhattan section and no sooner did I arrive into town did I find the pseudo-Rockefeller Center area. The developers even recreated the NBC Studios entrance awning that everyone knows from Seinfeld and what I know from working there. But once I saw the ‘Radio City Music Hall’ then I knew that Rockefeller Center was right around there – and instead of the Prometheus statue, it’s a fountain. But still, they did a good job. The Manhattan they made is actually quite good, and is probably going to be my only way of ever experiencing driving in it. I still haven’t driven Catherine in there and have absolutely no wanting or burning desire to do so. No gracias. GTA4 will spoil me though because there’s absolutely no traffic!

Shelly and I saw ‘Sex & The City’ yesterday and I swear, it was the loudest preshow audience I’ve ever experienced. And I was at the first showing of Phantom Menace. Guys just aren’t that loud. Girls? Oh yeah, they’re loud. It was so funny. And this was the damn 6:30 pm on a Sunday showing! In Jersey! WTF?! And I think I was maybe 1 of 10 guys in the theater while there were about 3 bazillion females in there. Talk about your ironic situations. If any wedding crashers knew what was good for them, they’d go to showings of this and pick up the chicks coming out of it, because EVERY chick walking out was all….”I loved it”, “Awwww….”, “I could have watched 5 hours of that….” (<—-that one was for real). Totally like shooting monkeys in a barrel. Oh wait, is that the right metaphor? Ha ha, it is now!

That's what this Monday has brought about – my utter disregard for monkey safety.

And I still have yet to put up any pics from the Colorado Springs trip. Although if you've been to my myspace page, you can see the Gun Show!!!!! AWWWWW YEAH! LOL. But not really. HA!

Peace Out

Alright, this Construction Worker still needs to pack, but I wanted to post before my taxi picked me up to take me to Newark, which leads to me flying to Colorado Springs!!! Yay!!! Just no F5 Twisters, please.

I am so tired though – and that’s because I had a fantastic time out with Advertiser Guy – I REALLY like him and we definitely got along great. So while I’m stoked to be leaving, I also can’t wait to get back because we’re gonna hang out on Tuesday too.

Back to the luggage, regrettably. I just couldn’t muster the energy last night to do this, so now it’s scramble time.

And Jenny, I saw a much better representation of the Uniforms out and about last night too. So don’t be AS discouraged as I led you to be yesterday. There are still quite a few good ones out here! Was laughing to myself a bit when I saw quite a few uniforms (Air Force uniforms too – WTF?) in the Hell’s Kitchen area, where I was. Now, HK isn’t completely Chelsea-fied yet, but if you’re straight and on the prowl, you probably don’t head to HK first, just sayin’.

And now, I REALLY have to get back to packing. I’ll probably post while out in CS because now that I’m not tied to my laptop and Dreamweaver to update the journal, well, my powers are endless!!!!

Date with Advertising Guy!

So I actually talked with a new guy that I met on Chemistry.com – he’s in advertising and seems to have much of the same kind of sense of humor as I do. SWEET. We had a pretty good rapport on the phone too, which is always a relief. We’re going out Thursday night! Woo hoo! Like I said earlier here, I’m getting used to dating. It’s actually kinda fun, when you take off some of the pressures. And I am not nearly as afraid as I used to be with regards to knowing it’s just not gonna work. Because while I may not be looking for the love of my life, I do recognize when there’s nothing there.

Thank you and good night.

Date #1: Chris the Legal Eagle

So last night I had my first date with Chris, who I met online on Chemistry.com.  Quick segue-way about Chemistry.com:  it’s a pretty cool site to meet people to date and they do it in a cleverer way than just looking at pics of people and sending them a message.  The site actually matches you up and suggests people based on a long list of personality questions you answer.  You then go through a few stages of questions and interests before you can get to the email stage.  It helps you to see where people are coming from and to determine if you like the person in addition to the initial snapshot and profile the person created.  

Long story short: It was a good first date.  Easy conversation, great dinner, and a nice vibe the entire evening, which went by way too fast.  But I think I like having a first date sometime during the week as you both know the date won’t have to go on forever, whether good or bad.  I totally used ‘having to go to work’ on one of my first dates way back in November in order to end it sooner.  But it was a good time and I’ll be seeing him again on Saturday!