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EDIT: Damn Power Supply! – is A-OK

DAMMIT!!!! My Gaming PC’s Power Supply is dead. It seems like I just bought a new one for it, but I really don’t think I did. What a pain in the ass though to have to replace it. Ah well. Uh oh…..whenever this kind of thing happens, I usually use it as an excuse to go ahead and buy all sorts of new things for my PC…..must resist temptation. And I think I can…as frankly, my PC does rule. It’s not super uber powered but it runs almost all games pretty damn smoothly and powerfully. I’m most bummed because I use that PC to sync up my iPod and manage my iTunes stuff and I was just about to download the new Alanis Morissette!!!! Son of a….!

EDIT: I don’t know what the hell was wrong but now my PC is turning back on. I toggled off and on the physical switches on the powersupply and ensured the power cord was seated correctly – apparently that did it. YAY!!! (I was so NOT looking forward to replacing the power supply AND I wanted Alanis tonight!!! <—talk about mixed signals there; first, I don't really 'want' Alanis for obvious reasons; and geez louise, Hobie, get a grip on the Alanis nonsense…)


I get in to Midtown this morning for work and as I am walking off the bus towards the front door of 30 Rock, this amazing LOUD collective shriek/squeal/scream echoes through the canyon of skyscrapers – that’s when I remembered that New Kids on the Block were performing for the Today Show’s Summer Concert series. What’s hilarious is that this whole plaza was PACKED with people, mostly women my age who were the prime audience for when the NKOTB were popular….which was like almost TWENTY YEARS ago.

Anyways, it made me chuckle – I would have hung out too just to be around the crazies (gotta love the crazies), but it was raining, so I was like ‘eff that’.

I did find out that Fergie and Alanis Morissette are performing next week – I will be definitely getting to work early for that one. I still am having trouble reconciling that one, unless they’re going to sing ‘My Humps’ together….OMG, what if that’s what they’re going to do??????? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.

On the elevator up this morning, I also shared it with this ridiculously attractive guy. Of course, me being the complete shy guy that I am around hotness like that, couldn’t bring myself to look directly at him (hotness is like the sun for me – don’t look directly at it!!!!). It was just us, and you know that normally you typically stand just facing forward waiting for your floor. Well, I was doing that, but the hotness was leaning on his side against the back wall, looking towards me. I think I missed an opportunity. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!