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Snow Day!!!!!! (T-253)

HELLS YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So last night I went to bed and sent a wish to whoever would listen that there would indeed be a snow day. Not a 2-hour delay. An actual snow day. So I woke up once, in eager anticipation, at 3:45 this morning all aglow – but remembering, through the foggy haze of being actually up at that time of day, that Cheyenne Mountain does not in fact update the Snow Line until sometime around 4-4:30 in the morning. So I went back to happy sleep, listening to the roar of the wind against my house. I drifted awake sometime around 5:30 in the morning, when I normally wake up to go to work. I reached for the cell phone; I dialed the Snow Line phone number; I held my breath….

And these words issued forth from my blue RAZR phone:

“Currently, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station is CLOSED except for mission-essential personnel….”

After that, I have no idea what was said. I did the happy dance and rejoiced. Now you may think, well, you still have to go to work tomorrow because the weather is supposed to get better, and in fact, as I look out my window, indeed the visibility is getting better and the sun actually peeked out a few minutes back. But you’d be wrong, foolio. Because tomorrow is an AFSPC Family Day (the one thing that AFSPC does that I can actually agree with…), meaning this Snow Day has inaugurated my Christmas Five-Day Weekend, and nary any of my own (very limited) leave was taken to do it! sweet…. I love snow days.

Snow Day – 21 Dec 2006

Cold, snowy, and best of all, view from HOME!Cold, snowy, and best of all, view from HOME!
Cold, snowy, and best of all, view from HOME!21-Dec-2006 10:09, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 7.1, 7.40625mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 50
Plowed roads? not for a another day or soPlowed roads? not for a another day or so
Plowed roads? not for a another day or so21-Dec-2006 10:09, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 11.0, 18.34375mm, 0.006 sec, ISO 50
Depending on which way your house faced, you could have huge snow drifts like this guyDepending on which way your house faced, you could have huge snow drifts like this guy
Depending on which way your house faced, you could have huge snow drifts like this guy21-Dec-2006 10:09, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 4.9, 22.21875mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 50
And here's my sparsely covered drivewayAnd here's my sparsely covered driveway
And here's my sparsely covered driveway21-Dec-2006 10:10, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 7.1, 7.40625mm, 0.003 sec, ISO 50
And here's where I am RIGHT NOW while typing this up.And here's where I am RIGHT NOW while typing this up.
And here's where I am RIGHT NOW while typing this up.21-Dec-2006 11:13, Canon Canon PowerShot S410, 2.8, 7.40625mm, 0.002 sec, ISO 50

So while I’m typing away, I am literally blasting the latest Beatles’ album out, entitled LOVE. If you enjoy their music, then I definitely recommend you picking this up. It’s the soundtrack to the latest Cirque du Soleil show out at The Mirage in Vegas, which is set entirely to The Beatles’ music. It’s not covers of the songs either, this is all original tracks mixed by their original producer, Sir George Martin. It’s an incredible listen, as he has reworked many of their songs into very interesting combinations. And while those combinations are what many reviewers rave about (as they are quite good), it’s just the clarity of the music that really is amazing. It literally sounds like these songs were recorded this year. And there’s nothing quite as fun as singing along to many of these tracks – for me, I absolutely love rocking out to “I Want to Hold Your Hand”, “Eleanor Rigby” (I guess I’m not quite rocking out to that song, but it’s so good), “Octopus’ Garden”, and “Revolution”. There are so many of their great songs here though, I’m sure you’ll find others you like too.

I also watched my favorite Christmas movie last night – “Elf”. Always by the end I’m full of the Christmas spirit when Santa finally gets his Clausometer pegged to the max because everyone believes again. It’s such a great movie.

Before heading to sleep, I started a new book, this one Stephen King’s latest entitled Lisey’s Story. Just a few chapters into it and I’m hooked. It’s got nothing but good reviews from people, and with the promising beginning, I’m sure I’ll be done with it before the 5-day weekend is over. I’ll report on it’s goodness at that time.

Anyways, just wanted to check in again and let you know I’m surviving through the snow. I’m not planning on going outside again till later (when hopefully the roads are a bit better), but I will need groceries soon. Very soon. 🙂

Funny, the song “Here Comes the Sun” from the LOVE album just came on. Appropriate, methinks.

I got a Birthday card from Best Buy (T-303)

Surprising? Not really. I’m sure I keep their bottom line firmly in the black.

So I’ll try to knock out a lot of the pictures I have taken from the past month and a half. I decided to leave off my pics from the following things:

– SNCO Academy graduation, 28 Sep 2006 –

not too exciting and lots of pictures of that damn SOS running hill at Maxwell AFB. Mostly pictures for my memories than anything you’d be interested in. (30 Oct 2016 Update:  Let’s look at pictures!  2006-Me was so lazy about pictures!)

– My PC Rebuild – I may build a supplemental page to my current ‘Build a PC with Hobie’ section, but for the time being, those pictures will have to wait for public viewing. (30 Oct 2016 Update:  Yeah, those pics are hilarious to me now as there’s so much OLD technology on display, including my monitor, the fact there’s a FLOPPY disk drive….)

The pics below are excerpts from our get-together at Dave & Buster’s in Denver:

Pics from Dave & Buster’s – 23 Sep 06

In the pictures below, I took pics from the plane back home from Alabama. And amazingly, it flew right over my neighborhood and I was on the perfect side of the plane to see my house exactly. Sweet!

Colorado Springs from above – 29 Sep 06

Below are pictures from my very first Colorado Blizzard! The first winter I had here did have snow, but it was never to the extent that we got in October 2006. It was pretty cool to experience one, especially since I was on leave during it so I didn’t have to deal with driving in it. Even better was that the temperatures went back up into the 50s and 60s so most of the snow is now gone. Although there’s still quite a bit left in the city, mostly where the snow built up in drifts or where the plows put it on the sides of the road. I am not sure when the next major storm will hit, but from what I’ve heard, this first blizzard was a great start to the ski season. I’m hoping by December, we’ll have plenty more snow and that Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail and Beaver Creek are ready for me!

Oh yeah, I forgot to update and say that I now have a complete ski set and ensemble – I’ve got my own skis now, my own ski poles, ski boots and I even got a really cool new ski jacket. And with my Colorado Ski pass, I’m a total native. Sweet.

Colorado Springs Blizzard – 26 Oct 06

And then finally, I took some pictures today of my office – redesigned with the removal of my original desk (to the garage) and putting in a more basic and ‘open’ desk that would relax the room a lot. I haven’t put my “I Love Me” diplomas up yet on the walls, nor have I painted the room to what it may eventually be (the colors for this room have definitely not been considered yet – I’m still trying to finish my bedroom as I can’t get to the last wall yet because I have to disassemble my big bed first). But I love my new setup in the office, with my TV right there and there being plenty of room for not only my amazingly powerful newly built PC (specs: AMD 64 Athlon X2 4800+ processor, new ASUS A8N32-SLI mobo, 2 GB of DDRAM, a new SATA HDD, a Creative X-Fi sound card, and a BFG NVidia Geforce 7950GT 512 MB video card/powerhouse – I want to get one more identical video card so I can run it in SLI-configuration) but also to put my laptop up there. Sweet. OH yeah, I also got a new flat panel monitor – the big honkin’ 19″ CRT is resting peacefully in the closet, destined eventually for somewhere else…not here.

My redesigned office – 1 Nov 06

What a month! (T-305)

Seriously, don’t really want to repeat October 2006 again. UNFUN. Where do I begin?

I guess I’ll try to start from where I left off in September. I went to Alabama, which was a lot of fun. SMSgt Peele graduated as a Distinguished Graduate, so good for her. My whirlwind trip was over as soon as it began though, and then when I got back I rebuilt my spankin’ new gaming rig. It rocks. I had some minor things to work out while building it, and successfully resolved them so that my PC works works works.

And that was pretty much the end of the good times.

I won’t even begin to go into what began the spiral of doom, but it was not fun to deal with.

Then our UCI and ORI began. I got relegated to night shifts. And it kept kinda changing. So I was always tired, but also not really not a very strong part of the flight during this time. So I felt pretty bad about being not there. So two weeks went by and I finally got to return to my normal hours. And then even more fun began. My first day back, and in the midst of trying to avoid some writeups in the Info Assurance program, two of my folks had a complete shouting match in my office. It only gets better. On the Monday following the ORI/UCI, we got our results – an Excellent overall. Sweet. We got the rest of that day off. Then on Tuesday, I was handed three letters of complaint against me. Big fun, I tell ya. That happened on my Mom’s birthday, and it was all I could do not to freakin’ cry over the phone, but I didn’t want to do that on her day.

So basically, it’s been a whole lot of fun in October. I’ve obviously given you the most concise version possible. If I had been writing about this during the actual events, I’m sure you’d be reading a whole LOT more from me.

But the last week hasn’t been so bad. I got to experience my first official blizzard here in Colorado Springs. I have pictures from it, because it was pretty cool. Then on Saturday, we had a Halloween party. I was a bowling cowboy. I was also a raging alcoholic. And I paid for it all Sunday. Blech. Haven’t vomited like that in a while. Ech.

And oh yeah, I turn 30 on Friday. I don’t even think I care anymore. It’s only 30.

I just want ski season to start and then I suddenly want it to be September 2007. I mean, I want out so bad it’s not even funny.

Anyways, I just wanted to finally update – I do have pictures to post, but that will have to wait for a little bit longer. I promise to have it up…before my birthday!!!

Speaking of which, the thing that has REALLY been keeping me sane is that I’m going to Vegas in a few short weeks. Sweet.

So, was it really worth the wait? Probably not. But maybe the promise of pictures in the next update will satisfy???? Eh, probably not…

Off I Go! (T-338)

This may be my last ever Air Force TDY! Please don’t think I sound sad about it though. I’m headed to Maxwell/Gunter AFB in Montgomery, Alabama, so I’m not exactly headed to the awesomest of awesome places – BUT, I’m only there for less than a day, as I’m going there for SNCO Academy graduation. It’s a nice break from the ORI grind, to be sure. I do think it’ll be a fun time and if there’s any cool pictures from the trip, I’ll make sure to post those along with the rest I’ve been hoarding lately.

I also got all my pieces in to rebuild my computer, so that will keep me occupied this weekend.

Other than that, not much at all going on. I got my feedback from my CC today – not bad at all – I totally thought she would tear me a new one. I was wrong. I also found out my stratification in the squadron through ‘unknown’ sources and found out I’m not too bad on that front either. Not #1 (and I gladly give that title to the person who occupies it – he really is an awesome officer and I regularly learn from his example) but I’m not #3 either, yet I AM higher than #3. Oh well, it doesn’t really impact much anymore considering in less than a year I’ll be done with AF matters. But it’s nice to know nonetheless. I do have exception with how the rest of the list was broken down – not much that makes sense there.

Alright, I am just going to wait for Project Runway to finish DVR’ing, which by that time I should have my pizza and then I’ll get packed and ready for my early morning flight tomorrow. Ouch. I can always sleep on the plane though. Yay!

Only a week and some change before our ORI starts!! That much closer to it being done.

And a big Good Luck to my Mom and Harv – they’re heading up to Lake Tahoe for some scenic gambling fun up there! It sounds like it’s amazing weather at the moment out in that area, so I’m sure they’re going to have a good time.

Till I return from Alabama!!