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Where them Lady Stonehearts at?


If you stay in touch with things related to HBO’s amazing show, Game of Thrones, you may have heard that last night was the fourth season’s finale, which mainly concludes the events from the third book of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire  book series, A Storm of Swords.  ASOS is by far the most entertaining and rollercoaster-y of the books thus far of the five published, and because of that, the two seasons of GOT that were based on it have been phenomenal.  I sincerely wish the HBO producers, Benioff & Weiss, the best of luck in adapting the 2 next books in the series, as they are bleak and have nothing like the Red Wedding or the Purple Wedding or Tyrion’s Trial in them.  At all.  They’ve already had to dig into those later books for things to give Dany to do over in Meereen, which does not bode well as what the hell else are they going to do with her?  OH YEAH, SPOILER ALERT!

The last book in the series thus far, A Dance with Dragons, was a giant cock-tease of a book.  Pretty much every character returned to the narrative after some, like Tyrion, Dany, and Jon, weren’t heard from at all in A Feast for Crows.  But then, the pieces get moved around and you really think all these things/events are coming to a head, and then boom, the end of Book 5 happens.  A whole lot is left up in the air and you just know there’s going to be some amazing setpiece events…but not in book 5.  Nope, gonna have to wait for Book 6, The Winds of Winter, and who knows when that’s coming out?  I’m ranting about this predicament as it does help inform what my primary question is, which is, WHERE MY LADY STONEHEART BE, YO?

At the end of ASOS (book 3), we get this crazay epilogue of some Freys (that’s the family that betrayed the Starks at the Red Wedding) wandering around the countryside and getting captured by the Brotherhood without Banners.  We don’t know why Freys are targeted until we meet the leader – a horrificly mangled woman with injuries very much like what Catelyn Stark suffered at the Red Wedding.  In fact, it IS Catelyn Stark, having been “restored to life” by Thoros of Myr in place of Beric Dondarrion and now going by the title of Lady Stoneheart.  She’s got the appearance of a zombie and the focus of one who only has one thing on her mind: revenge.  It’s an epic way to end the book and kind of cathartic after all the blood spilled in ASOS.

But did she show up last night?  Nope.  Pretty much every book reader anticipated that of any scene, the Lady Stoneheart reveal was of course going to be the last scene.  It wasn’t.  Instead, we got Arya sailing somewhat hopefully to Braavos.  When the screen went to black for a long period of time, I held out hope that was a fakeout and there’d be the reveal.  Nope; credits!  After what had been a pretty kick-ass finale (minor quibbles still over other things there, but I’m focused on this for now), I was left disappointed.  I couldn’t tell Larry since he’s a non-book reader and I don’t want to ruin it.  But I couldn’t hide my feelings as it was like, REALLY, HBO?

There have been plenty of articles today from the major pop culture sites I read solely about this topic, and it seems the party line being reported is that Lady Stoneheart was never ever planned to be part of this season.  A lot of good reasons are being bandied about and some I think make sense – one in particular, I think from io9, is that there should be some buildup throughout season 5 in which we see random Freys here and there getting taken out, with us left to wonder what the hell is happening.  In the books, Brienne and Pod do eventually run into Lady Stoneheart in a particularly dramatic fashion, which could be the reveal we do get after all in the show.  I think that would work and probably from a showrunner’s point of view, will be even more satisfying for viewers in the long run.   Also, as I was mentioning earlier, there’s not a whole lot of truly momentous events in the next two books, and the next season is looking to be taking on both of them at the same time since they are set concurrently.  So they really may need to hold out and save Lady Stoneheart as something to work with next season as otherwise, there’s going to be a lot more made-up stuff, which can be hit or miss.

But damn, there’s still a piece of me that just really REALLY wanted to see Michelle Fairley (the actress who played Catelyn Stark) all revenged-out and getting some vengeance on a Frey or two last night.

Too many plot elements for the season?  Probably.   Especially one with things like the Battle of Castle Black, Bran and the Bloodraven, Tyrion’s Vengeful Escape, Arya and Brienne and the Hound (now THAT battle was a happy surprise addition I can get behind), and Dany locking up her dragons.  And I can be rational about it, yet if again in Season 5 we get nothing….time to write some strongly-worded letters, bitches!

Perfect Use of Bon Jovi

Next week’s season finale of Game of Thrones promises to be epic.  I know this as I have read the books and some serious shit. goes. down.  I wasn’t excited about last night’s episode ahead of time, but I admit to being completely blown away by how exciting and good it was.  The Wall has been a pretty boring locale compared to the rest of Westeros, so to see the Battle of Castle Black in such awesome fashion was a happy surprise. But next week, people…next week people are going to go nuts.  NUTS!

Fun Stuff, continued

Holy shit that is awesome.  Where’d that little dance come from?????

Now, after the jump, since in certain browsers (Chrome) Funny or Die embeds always do autoplay, I’ve posted the latest Gay of Thrones.  SO FUNNY.

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Gay of Thrones = Blonde Cher Realness

I really really really can’t believe I haven’t partaken in all this goodness – and there’s so many episodes of it to be enjoyed.  WHERE ARE….MY DRAGONS?

Med Cruise II: The Rains of Dubrovnik

May 22, 2013 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Alas, the rain returned today. It was unfortunate as now it’s been that every new location I’ve been to has been a bit drenched with rain. Today’s new area of Dubrovnik was no different. We had a tour today that involved walking the city walls of the old city of Dubrovnik, and it was fantastic. Even with the rain (and there was lots of it), it was a striking visit. I took lots of pictures and it was full of exciting views and treacherous steps, but cool nonetheless. At the end, our tour guide pointed out a good place to grab some lunch, which we took advantage of. Ended up getting some great food, with a plate of shrimp risotto and a giant plate of mussels along with some local draught beer.

Now we’re back, and just emerged victorious in the 80s music trivia contest, getting 29 out of 30 points right. We didn’t get the last point because neither of us could remember who sang the song “Lady in Red”. And what is up with the bars not opening up until 4? Please let Venice be sunny!

Side Note:  This article on Kotaku blew my mind as it shows all the locations that are used when filming King’s Landing scenes for Game of Thrones.  You know, I knew that they filmed there, but I just didn’t remember that at all when there.  It would have been a lot more interesting to remember that, even if the excursion is already interesting on its own.


Arrival and Drive to Dubrovnik

Have to say, while writing this in 2018 as I update the galleries from Shashin to local galleries, I still can’t believe how much rain we were about to endure this day.  So much rain.  As the ship pulled in, the clouds were lingering but there was hope the rain would not materialize.  Alas, that hope was squashed as soon as we got on the tour bus to take us into the old city of Dubrovnik.  Much like our time in Villefranche and Monaco, we were told about how gorgeous the views were on a sunny day…that’s great.  I did like the bridge right near the cruise harbor though.

Excursion:  The Walls of Old Dubrovnik

We brought our umbrellas with us, thank God, as this excursion was inSANE with rain.  There was some trepidation climbing up the stone steps up to the top of the walls of Old Town Dubrovnik, but even in the rain, the views from up there were magnificent.  The excursion involved walking the entirety of the perimeter of the walls…which as you can see from this photo that I did not take, is not insignificant:

We started the tour at the middle point of the wall in the foreground of this image above, as that’s where you basically enter the city.  Then it was a counter-clockwise march around.   As we got to about the 2 o’clock position if you look at this as a clock face, the rain got sooooooo intense that the tourguide was like, look, you can stop here and go down the steps and call it a day.  Some people took that option and got the hell out of there, as it really was miserable.  Larry & I did not.  We were up for the challenge.   And honestly, as we made it to the area of the wall to the left of the harbor area shown above, the rain tapered off, and it was almost pleasant.  Damp, but pleasant.

Lunch in Dubrovnik

We had an hour or so to kill in Dubrovnik before our bus took us back to the harbor.  Many were looking for souvenirs but Larry & I wanted to get some good grub, and the tour guide pointed us towards a place that had some Dubrovnik specialties, namely mussels.  I’d never had those before, but I was up for it as you’re probably going to have supremo versions of them when they’re getting caught like right outside the walls.   It took us a little bit of effort to find the restaurant she’d mentioned, but we found it and got a table inside like mere minutes before yet another deluge of rain started.   As you can see in the pictures, many found refuge in the restaurant’s overhang.

Departing Croatia

I think that we had a memorable experience touring Dubrovnik, and I do wish we had better weather when visiting.   What was a kick in the face though was as soon as our ship, the Equinox, was leaving, the fucking sun came out and the area was glorious.  Screw you, sun.

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