Oct 23, 2008, Ep 4: Bring Your Dad to Work Day

The Amazing Race 13 Insider, Episode 4: Bring Your Dad to Work Day

AR13_Ep4Dallas is sick, Phil’s dad is a flirt, Kelly & Christy aren’t improving their standing in The Amazing Race popularity contest, and kiwi covers everyone thoroughly. This leg definitely took its toll on the racers, but a friendly face or two at the Pit Stop was just the boost they need. But who missed out on a kiss? Read the Insider video recaps to find out!

Welcome back for the Insider video recap of The Amazing Race! It seems like CBS puts nearly another episode’s worth of videos here that really help to flesh out the racers’ personalities much more clearly. These videos really help to give a better perspective of the racers when they’re not overwhelmed with challenge and taxi stress. Even Kelly & Christy are likeable at times! Below are videos from the Pit Stop with Phil and his dad, extra footage from throughout the fourth leg, and some clips from after the leg including at Elimination Station!

At the Pit Stop

A Tearful Goodbye: Talking through tears, Marisa & Brooke are happy to have had a chance to visit all these places they never would have and to meet new people. Even better, the two of them didn’t fight and get along even better now. Brooke wants Marisa to know that she did an awesome job and she’s really proud of her. Marisa pays back the compliment and is so proud of Brooke too for making it so far. Phil asks how they like New Zealand (careful, girls, this is Phil’s house!) and Brooke thinks it’s awesome. It’s not a bad place to end the race in, Phil adds.

Phil’s dad suggests that they come back to New Zealand when they aren’t stressed and can really appreciate it. Dad then breaks out the hug suggestion as seen on the show (smooth, Phil’s dad, smooth). Shaking his head, Phil remarks that his dad always is good for a hug. Phil asks the girls if they thought it was a good hug and they reply it was a great hug.

Phil wants to know if the race has made them want to go on other adventures. Marisa & Brooke say they already have a few more in mind. Phil wants to know where. The girls immediately clarify that it’s not world adventures so much as American adventures. First up is Vegas and then Nashville. (What? All this world travelling only inspires you to go to Vegas and a city one state over from where you live??) Some other adventures may include New York and Los Angeles too. After this crazy display of ambition, Phil thanks them for being on the race.

Aja & Ty Barely Survive: Out of breath, Aja & Ty admit they’ve been through an emotional wringer. Phil can tell that they’re relieved to still be in the race but wants to know why it means so much to them. Ty tells Phil it’s an opportunity for them to bond and he can’t imagine sharing it with anyone but Aja. Ty also recognizes that he blows up at Aja needlessly and wants to get better and is doing so. Phil asks Aja if she loves Ty, and of course she does.

Aja also admits to changing and learning how to control her attitude to keep calm and from snapping at Ty. Ty knew that when they started off the day already arguing that it wasn’t going to be a good day. Now Phil wants Ty to explain how much he loves Aja. Ty just doesn’t want to disappoint her and feels bad about quitting the kiwi Detour. Phil can tell Ty truly loves Aja and asks Aja how that makes her feel. She loves that he is proving that he does love her more and more everyday. While today was a very tough day, they muscled through it. Being on the race gives them an intense, unique ability to get to know each other.

Andrew & Dan Get Adopted: I’m willing to bet that it’s not by Kelly & Christy! Anyway, Phil notices that both of them are absolutely disgusting as they’re covered in crushed kiwi. Both note that at least they smell like fruit and not dog poop. Phil can tell Dan is loving the race. Dan confirms that he is competitive and perhaps a bit too intense, noting there may be a line he crossed between desire and competitiveness. Andrew knows that Dan finally realized he crossed it during the race today. When in the cab ride to the Pit Stop, neither one were speaking, which is very uncharacteristic of Dan.

Dan has kiwi all over him, and he thinks that is a sign that New Zealand is adopting him as their new son. Dan asks if that is okay with Phil and Phil’s dad and the answer is sure! Phil’s dad thinks they’re both stalwart guys and can tell they’re frustrated with having to stop a Detour halfway through. Phil loves having his dad here at the Pit Stop with him. Andrew wants some advice from dad on the local bar scene.

Dan comments that it’s a rough flight to New Zealand and wonders how Phil does it. Dan speculates its on his own personal Gulfstream jet and comments on Phil’s $5000 leather jacket from the very start of the race. It is quite apparent Dan is a bit in awe of the Phil, and makes Phil a bit embarrassed. He quickly changes the topic to whether Dan & Andrew are enjoying the race so far. Andrew loves New Zealand and thinks “this place rocks.”

Nick & Starr Are Stressed: Nick & Starr are sitting down at the Pit Stop and Phil wants to know if Starr wants to be here still. Starr tells him it’s just so difficult to sort through the stress in the race. Nick notes it just never stops for a second and it’s exhausting. Phil asks what Nick says to Starr in order to keep her sane. Nick has the strategy of just keeping stressful situations in perspective. Also, he knows they need to focus on the race and themselves more and not worry about the others so much. It’s been a problem thus far and allowed their minds to wander.

Starr confirms that Nick has been there for her in the race and she loves him. As Nick leans over and strokes his sister’s leg affectionately, he tells her she needs to shave! That’s a close family. Close to tears, Starr says that Nick takes such great care of her during the race. As she continues the praise, Nick encourages her with a “keep-going” gesture. She jokingly tells him to shut up. Yet she knows that Nick will become a wonderful man.

A Tough Day For Dallas: Toni tells Phil and his dad that Dallas is a sweet boy and he loves his mom. Dallas explains that the goal was just to finish and not be eliminated. He elaborates though that Toni was a rock star and found the Travelocity gnome quickly. Toni left this leg up to God. Dallas tells Phil that The Amazing Race is much harder than it looks on TV (yes, we’ll be hearing this over and over … and over). Toni thinks that the BlowKarts were pretty fun though.

Phil can tell they changed Detour tasks as there are remnants of kiwi on them. Toni shows what’s left, but it’s precious little compared to Dan & Andrew. Phil wants to know why they quit that Detour, and Toni explains that after three quarts, they were getting nowhere with the kiwi flow. At the BlowKart Detour though, they hit their stride as Toni can read instructions and Dallas “can put s#!t together!”

Phil now wants details from Dallas on whether he’s flirted with any of the four single girls on the race. Toni noted there was a cute Bolivian girl and Dallas remembers a cute gas station girl. What about on the race though? Dallas is keeping any interest on the down-low, and is working his looks to their advantage. Phil’s dad approves of this strategy. But wait, there’s more: Dallas has two reasons for staying in the race. One is to win the million and the other is to “work his magic” on the girls. Ohhhkay.

Divorcees Moving Up: Phil notices that Kelly & Christy seem a lot more confident than in earlier legs. They note that it’s because they’re focusing on reading the clues and racing the race. No longer are they overly worried about the other teams. A Stuart Smalley moment emerges as Kelly & Christy confirm they’re strong enough, fit enough, and “gosh darnit, people like us!” I think even they realize that’s stretching the truth. Phil wants to know if they’re pretty enough. Easy yes from them.

Phil inquires about if they’ve found any guys yet, and Christy rehashes the “huuuussbands” thing from Leg 1’s Insider videos. It turns out that there were two hot New Zealand guys that helped them in the airport. Phil pimps out his dad as he wants to know if they’d live in New Zealand with a nice good-looking New Zealand guy. The pimping turns to Phil’s 26-year-old musician brother, which I bet the girls would happily consider. We are talking about a relative of Phil!

Kelly & Christy reveal that they’d like to see the strong teams (Ken & Tina, Nick & Starr, and Terence & Sarah) eliminated. Phil wants to know if they’d do anything to win the race, which the girls readily agree to. That’s a porn setup if I’ve ever heard it but this is network TV, so mind out of the gutter. They show Phil their kiwi-stomping battle scars to prove what they’d do. The divorcees start hysterically laughing and Phil wonders if those kiwis had been fermenting.

State of the Relationship: Terence & Sarah are awestruck by the beautiful New Zealand scenery. Phil inquires if love has been blooming during the race. Sarah says it’s been challenging but it’s definitely been getting better. Terence knows that compared to the start of the race they are racing “in the groove” (complete with knuckle-grazing). There’s still some yelling, but it’s nothing like before.

Sarah thinks that her family will think she’s finally found someone who can match her energy level. On paper, Terence is not someone Sarah would normally date but she thinks her family will see how compatible they are regardless. Ever the love guru, Phil declares that at the end of the day, love will rule. Phil gives them permission to make out now.

After a quick kiss, Terence thinks Phil’s dad being there at their third third-place finish is a good sign. Phil wonders if he and his dad look alike. Phil tries to get his dad to raise his eyebrow to complete the effect, but dad isn’t doing it. Fishing for hugs from pretty girls, Phil’s dad tells them that yesterday was his 66th birthday. Sarah would if she weren’t covered in kiwi, but Phil’s dad doesn’t care and he gets the hug. Phil just laughs. It was also the first time that all three siblings were there for the birthday. Sarah notes that for Phil it was “Take Your Father to Work Day,” which Phil finds pretty funny.

Sitting On Top Down Under: Phil’s dad hopes Ken & Tina come back to New Zealand under less stressful circumstances. Tina thinks that would be a great idea. Phil notes that these two are on an amazing roll. Phil points out for his dad that Ken was a safety in the NFL. Dad does know what he’s talking about (unlike me) and they talk briefly about football. Apparently Phil’s dad knows quite a lot as Phil calls him a walking encyclopedia.

Phil wants to know if they live their normal lives the way they’ve been running the race. Tina says they are very competitive between the two of them. They even considered trying to tone down their success to avoid any targets being placed on them. Once New Zealand became the destination though, they didn’t care and ran the race at full speed. She realizes that the other teams now consider them the main target.

Ken comments that New Zealand is a wonderfully beautiful country. Tina was talking to the helicopter pilot about prices of the houses they flew over and was surprised they were not too expensive. They may have to consider New Zealand in their retirement plans.

Phil notices that Tina is very loving towards Ken right now, which she admits is true. Ken gives Tina credit for doing so great in the race, and Tina corrects him and says it’s been a team effort. Awww. Tina is happy that they’re doing so well against teams that are their kids’ ages, although Ken notes he’s starting to get tired.

After The Race

Three In A Row: Ken says the three wins are a pleasant surprise. He notes that their strategy is to take the race one challenge at a time. One thing he wants to improve though is to try to enjoy the scenery some more while they’re racing. It is tough to do that. They both just want to keep winning. Tina suspects that the young guys think they’re going to tire out soon. Ken & Tina admit they could be right, but they find ways to re-energize during each leg. Ken believes that they may be a little too free with their sharing of information but it’s just that they really enjoy every team’s company.

Starr Takes The High Road: Regarding Kelly & Christy, Starr (who you can see is now wearing a splint on her forearm) has decided to take the high road. She won’t let them get to her because the stress is already overwhelming. Starr is just going to be polite, even if they don’t reciprocate. She explains that Kelly & Christy have been rude to them since the start of the race. Kelly & Christy claim that the rudeness was due to Nick & Starr being rude to them, which they deny. Starr is bothered by the negativity that is directed specifically at her. Nick just thinks Kelly & Christy are rude to everyone on the race. It’s just part of their unpleasant demeanor. He especially doesn’t like that they’re picking on his little sister for no reason.

Southern Belles Say Farewell: Brooke thinks all their friends and family will be shocked when seeing both her and Marisa toughing it out in the race. They’re normally perceived as “prissy” girls. Brooke loves that Marisa kept her balanced and vice versa. Marisa learned that Brooke wasn’t a girly-girl and could be tough. Whenever Marisa would get upset, they were able to give each other a reassuring look to let each other know it’s gonna be alright.

Extra Footage

Bad Karma: Terence & Sarah just passed Aja & Ty, who were stopped because of their flat tire. Sarah thinks it’s karma coming back due to the dirty way that Nick & Starr are playing. It looks like they didn’t correctly see who it was they passed on the road! Sarah is convinced that Nick & Starr are bad people so bad things will keep happening to them. Terence remembers that Starr accused him of moving Nick’s bag before the leg started, but it was confusion because Terence & Nick’s bags look alike. Terence confronted Starr, telling her he didn’t appreciate the insinuation. Starr just replied, “oh, [Nick] had the bag with him, sorrrryyyy.” Terence & Sarah aren’t buying it.

Frat Boys Fix a Flat: Andrew is on the ground jacking up the Mercedes replacing a flat. Success is accompanied by a giant woo hoo! Andrew isn’t sure how the flat even happened. In Andrew’s experience, all his flat tires were due to people having slashed them. Wow!

Inside the car, Andrew gets them moving again and is proud of his dad for teaching him how to fix a tire. Dan comments that his dad really encouraged him to learn how to fix a flat tire, but apparently that never led to anything. Good thing Andrew’s around!

Ken Gets Blocked: Ken recounts that on the flight, Kelly & Christy had two elderly folks block Ken & Tina’s exit out of the plane. Even though he’s not really upset, he told Kelly & Christy he’d get them back. He’s still happy with their placement getting out of the airport and is looking forward to a good race day. Ken mentions that the leg has already been long though as the flight to New Zealand was 12 hours, which is exhausting.

Tina brings up that Ken started their leg well already as he managed to trade their seats to secure a better plane position. Even better, they found a person on the flight to exchange money with. Thus a stop was avoided as well as the exchange fees. Nice!

Divorcees Live It Up: Kelly & Christy toast to their success in getting a free meal at an airport in Chile. It turns out that Christy finagled a friendship at the airport and got some free food stamps on their boarding passes. So now while they’re eating a free hot meal, they’re reveling in the fact that the rest of the teams are having to spend money on food. I wonder if they know about Terence & Sarah’s cash windfall from the last leg’s Insider videos?

Dallas Deals With It: In this almost “Too Much Information” video, Dallas is sitting (with his pants up) in an airport toilet stall looking miserable. He tells us that the food he ate in La Paz is getting to him and he just needs to rest. He feels better now though.

The video cuts to Dallas walking back into the airport terminal and Toni immediately asks if he threw up. She makes him drink some cold water slowly to rehydrate and goes into full-on Mom mode. He already feels 382 times better and Toni keeps pressing him about taking Imodium, what he wants to do, etc. Finally Dallas tells her he just wants to go to the gate and then he’ll figure it out there. This point is where it’s obvious the son is a little tired of being around the mom.

At the gate, Dallas recognizes that even though they’ve only had about two hours of sleep over the past two days, they just need to deal with it. It’s part of the race. Toni doesn’t like it when Dallas won’t let her take care of him. Oy.

Things Mom Doesn’t Want to Hear: Toni comments that driving around at five in the morning is not what they normally do. Dallas elaborates that his normal five-in-the-morning activities are looking for Jack in the Box and he’s usually drunk. Toni semi-jokes that she is using The Amazing Race to get Dallas sober for 30 days. She does hope that he will not always over-indulge at college. She presses him for his agreement to this and he gives a half-hearted, “Yes, Mom.” Now Dallas points out that he’d rather be throwing up due to alcohol and partying than because of food-poisoning. Toni’s not amused by this and thinks poisoning is poisoning.

A Kiss Deferred: Toni & Dallas are last in line at the travel agent counter. Dallas thinks being last should come with an awesome ice cream dessert. Starr is listening to this and Dallas is definitely putting on a show for her while talking. Nick interrupts Dallas and reminds him that they were dead last in the last leg yet still ended up in second place. Dallas claims that last place suits them. Yet he promises that if they happen to come in first this leg, Phil is getting a kiss on the lips. Nick says he’ll make it a priority to get Toni & Dallas in first place. Dallas knows that kiss would be Youtube’d for days. Ha!

Families Stick Together: Dallas notes that they work well with Nick & Starr and Ken & Tina because they’re family teams. He’ll make it a point to try to work with those teams above others. Also, he’ll work with teams who have compassion for others and who aren’t too cutthroat. Ohhhkay. He wants to be around others who are there to enjoy the race and who realize it’s not the end of the world. (Yes, but it is for a million dollars!) Inexplicably, Toni elaborates that they share information with Nick & Starr and if for some reason Nick & Starr have to use that information to ensure they’re not eliminated over Toni & Dallas, it’s okay. Huh? This video must have been made really early in the morning as Toni can’t possibly know what she’s saying!

An Undercover Alliance Formed: At the airport ticket counter, Terence comes over to Ty & Aja and mumbles something to Ty. Sarah comes over too and reinforces it. Later, Ty & Aja explain that they are in a loose alliance with Terence & Sarah. Aja is concerned that interactions like that put a target on their back. She’s seen too many other teams doing the same thing, and she wants to keep their alliance more discreet. She thinks the cat is out of the bag though.

Ty realized that when three teams (I assume Ken & Tina, Nick & Starr, and Toni & Dallas) had ganged up against the others (including theirs), this alliance was a necessary “half-time adjustment.” Ty is concerned about Aja’s reluctance to ally with others and he wants her to see the necessity of doing it. He likes that the mystery of their alliance is causing the other main alliance to get paranoid. It is gratifying to make that alliance sweat like they’ve been doing to the rest of the teams.

Marisa & Brooke Can’t Get In Gear: Neither of the girls can figure out how to start their Mercedes. They break out the manual to try to interpret the warning lights. They both get frustrated at being unable to drive a fancy Mercedes and nearly come to tears. One of the gas station attendants comes out to help and is initially stumped too. Then he looks at the center console and notices that the car is not in Park. I laugh while typing this because I’ve been unable to start my car for the very same reason. So embarrassing! Marisa starts laughing hysterically and tries to cheer Brooke up.

Bathroom Break: While stuck on the road in a stalled lane of traffic, Sarah takes over driving and Terence gets out of the car. We see that he runs up ahead a bit to the shoulder and begins peeing on the side of the road. Sarah just starts laughing because she wouldn’t let him stop driving to find a bathroom. When he comes back, Sarah realizes she should go too. She runs out and takes care of business (off-camera). She’s fully aware everyone driving on the roadway knows exactly what she was doing.

Sarah’s Final Frontier: In a cab just after starting the leg, Terence is so excited about heading to New Zealand. Sarah has been to every continent except for Australia and Antarctica and is excited she’s finally headed to Australia. Sarah recognizes you can’t take anything for granted after seeing Mark & Bill eliminated. Because of that, she is thankful for the opportunity to see Australia. Yet they are both a bit disappointed they’re headed to an English-speaking country as they’ve had a huge advantage in these legs with her able to speak Spanish and Portuguese.

Elimination Station

Marisa & Brooke Eliminated: And here we are back in Acapulco! Bill wonders if the next team will arrive in a VW or if that was special just for them, as it was “the biggest guys possible in the smallest car possible.” Sure enough, a huge Chevy SUV makes its way to Elimination Station. Bill is sure it’ll be Dan & Andrew arriving. When the SUV arrives with Marisa & Brooke inside, everyone happily welcomes them. Mark admits to not being totally surprised.

After getting settled in with some drinks, Marisa & Brooke are sure they could get used to life at Elimination Station. The others ask Marisa & Brooke about where they were and who finished in what place. Mark is happy with hearing that Ken & Tina and Terence & Sarah are in the top two spots as those are whom he is pulling for. After catching up, the group lets Marisa & Brooke clean up and then they head out for some bungie-jumping fun in the town center.

Everyone’s having fun but Stephanie is a nervous wreck. They all watch her edge out to the ledge to jump and she does it like a pro. It seems it’s more that Anthony is the scared one! He recounts that he was very nervous and the pressure was on because he had been the big talker back at the villa. But Anthony is a brave trooper and bungie jumps with minimal hesitation. He says that the sensation of falling over the edge was like nothing he’s ever experienced before.

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