Dec 4, 2008, Ep 10: “Stuff Happens”

The Amazing Race 13 Insider, Episode 10: “Stuff Happens”

AR13_Ep10Will Toni & Dallas (right) be able to beg their way out of Moscow? Are Dan & Andrew just as surprised as we are that they’re still there? Can Ken & Tina keep it together one last leg? Read on for some insight as well as some Elimination Station and Phil’s Video Diary goodness!

In these clips, Toni solidifies her position as a Very Cool Mom, but we’re left wondering if Toni & Dallas ever left Moscow. You’ll also see that Nick & Starr are pretty confident, but now that Dan & Andrew have made it to the final three, they’re just as confident as well. Pay one last visit to Elimination Station as the teams reflect on their stay there while packing up to go in order to meet up with everyone at the last Pit Stop. Finally, Phil does a full recap of his Video Diary series remembering his favorite moments of those clips. I can’t believe this season is nearly done!

At The Pit Stop

Dallas’ Big Mistake: Wherever Phil eventually found Toni & Dallas, he is quick to point out that even if they had done the miraculous and made it to the mat as one of the final three, they wouldn’t have been able to continue as they don’t have their passports. Phil even goes so far as to say that passport applications can’t be processed in time. (So does this mean they won’t be there at the end of the race cheering the other teams who are finishing? Because if they are there, then I call Shenanigans on this statement.)

Anyway, Phil asks Dallas how he’s feeling. Dallas admits it wasn’t his day and is at least happy that they managed to finish the leg despite everything that happened. Phil wants to know how a strong team like theirs can unravel like it did. Dallas is still down on himself and apologizes for letting Toni down. She is quick to tell him he hasn’t let her down, and she officially solidifies her status as one of my favorite people on this edition. Her love is truly wonderful to watch. I say that because I am quite certain there’s no way I could hold back my frustration at Dallas’ blunder. They hug.

Never to let a happy situation go unchallenged, Phil asks Dallas how he’ll reconcile the fact that it was his mistake that made the difference. Dallas acknowledges that he just has to learn from his mistakes as you can’t change the past. Toni chimes in that “stuff happens” and you just have to deal with it and do the right thing. Phil concurs with my sentiment and says that Toni is pretty cool. Dallas confirms that is why he’s glad that he ran this race with Toni and not with some girlfriend-type.

Phil wonders how they’re going to get home. Toni repeats what was said earlier in that they just have to sort it out and deal with it. According to Toni, it’s their next Roadblock. Seriously, are they going to be stuck in Russia? Is CBS not going to help them out?

On The Mend: At the Pit Stop, Phil reminds Tina that she wanted her man back, a reconnection, and to be in the final three. Both Phil and Tina see that she’s almost got her entire wish there and he wants to know how she feels. She seems giddy about it all and praises Ken for being great. She recognizes that Ken has been working hard on their relationship and has patience with her. Ken confirms that while it’s been tough times during the race, it has managed to draw them closer together. She’s unwilling to quit in the race or on their marriage, and it’s amazing for Ken to have Tina as his partner. Phil loves what he hears from Ken.

The Comeback Kids: Wow – Dan & Andrew are in the final three. Phil is shocked too and wonders how they are here still. Andrew believes it was just one of those days. This time it just happened to be a good day. Dan managed to get his rhythm back according to Andrew as he describes their Russian dancing Speed Bump. Phil asks if this race has helped them get in touch with their feminine side. Andrew lists that they’ve had to iron and do synchronized dancing but can’t remember more. So maybe they’ve just become more metrosexual?

Phil wonders what Dan & Andrew have to say in response to everyone (including Phil) who completely doubted their abilities to race. Of course Dan & Andrew give Phil praise though. Andrew explains that they had initially felt out of it but as the race kept going on, they began to believe they were going to be in it a lot longer than initially expected. Phil asks if he’s going to be declaring them the eventual winners. Dan finds there to be no reason why they can’t “obliterate” Nick & Starr. Phil chuckles at that. Dan is confident still and Andrew believes it’s a David & Goliath situation. Dan says Nick & Starr can have their nine Travelocity trips – he’ll take the million dollars.

Number Six: Phil believes Nick & Starr may be the winningest team in the history of The Amazing Race, but can’t be certain. Starr recalls that today was just a great day and Nick agrees that leg two in Moscow turned their frown upside down. Nick explains to Phil that they focused on their own game and didn’t allow the presence of other teams to be a distraction. It paid off and they rocked the subway Detour.

Phil asks Starr about “Biceps Dallas” and she dutifully reports that she hasn’t really seen him much this last leg. Continuing with the personal questions, Phil asks if they’ve kissed. No. Really? No. What is she waiting for? The end of the race. The kiss can be their winning kiss. Phil does want to know if she’s looking forward to seeing him after the race and she indeed is very interested. They live near each other and she expects both moms to eventually meet and greet. Nick thinks Dallas is a good guy and would fit in well with their family. She cautions Nick not to take it so far. She will admit that Toni & Dallas are similar to their family, which is a good thing.

Nick & Starr can’t believe they’re actually here in the final three and in the pole position. Before the race, Nick was sure they’d do fairly well, yet really isn’t able to believe it still. Starr recalls that back in NYC when they were gearing up for the race, Nick wasn’t up for any hoping or wishing about the million dollars. Once they were in the final three he’d be willing to talk about it.

What do they think of Moscow? Today was a much better day for them and they had better luck with cab drivers as well. It’s a beautiful city with lots of parks and beautiful weather and they are glad to be there.

After The Race

What If? Nick is sure that if they run a last solid leg like they have over the past 10 legs, they have an excellent shot of winning. Starr allows herself to actually consider what they would do with a million dollars now that the chances are very good. Starr thinks she’ll invest in a home out in Southern California. Nick would propose to his girlfriend and take care of her and give her everything she wants.

Nick thinks it would be great to be declared the winners but it’s really all about getting that million dollars. For Starr, she is most appreciative of the experience itself and thinks in the bigger picture a million dollars is nothing. Nick laughs incredulously while Starr further explains that life is truly about the experiences and not about money. The experience of winning The Amazing Race would be the incredible thing for her.

A New Andrew & Dan: Dan promises to be the best racer he can be and avoid any mistakes during the final leg. Andrew recognizes that before the race they were both loser frat guys and making it so far in the race is unbelievable. Dan agrees and knows that this experience is something they’ll remember the rest of their lives. He wonders if there could be an exclamation point to this experience and would love for the million dollars to be it. Both Dan & Andrew think a million dollars would be one heck of a graduation gift to get them going solidly on their post-graduate lives.

Ken & Tina’s Wake Up Call: Ken admits that when Dan & Andrew passed them up, it pissed them both off. There are no more allowances for mistakes or helping people because there is so much now at stake. A million dollars is a lot of money and they’re now focused on the final leg. Ken is still upset about their performance during the leg but recognizes they gave it their all. They ended up struggling unexpectedly. All the free rides and help for everyone else is over though. They’re taking charge of their destiny and are going to make the biggest comeback and win The Amazing Race.

A Tough Lesson Learned: Both Toni & Dallas are puffy-eyed from crying. Dallas tells us that they didn’t win the million but their initial goal was not to get eliminated first. They accomplished that and didn’t look like schmucks. Over the race, Dallas learned a lot about his mom and actually is glad that he didn’t win the million dollars. It’s because when they were put up against hard situations, he was able to see what his mom had made him (in terms of character). Neither of them quit even when it was obvious they were not going to win. If you start something, you finish it.

For Toni, The Amazing Race was a culmination and affirmation of everything they’ve done in their life. Toni feels closer to her son and is proud of the man he’s turned out to be. It’s been an incredible experience and they’ve winged their way all the way to Moscow. It was a far more enriching experience than she had ever expected it to be.

Extra Footage

No One In Sight: On one of their trolley buses, Ken & Tina recall that the last time they saw a team was back at the Roadblock. Then they ended up on the wrong type of bus so they had to start over at the beginning. Ken checks with Tina to see where they’re going and what they have to do next. They’re now headed to the keymaker. Ken is hoping everyone else is also having troubles like they are. Communication has been the chief problem for them as they can’t read the signs nor speak the language. Tina may be on to something as she says they need to look out for little kids. The kids have probably learned English in school and can help them out.

The Semi-Finals: Ken explains that they are basically in the semi-finals. It doesn’t take much to put you out of the race. It took nearly a half hour to get a cab that knew how to get to the memorial park. It took even more time to figure out even where the memorial park was. Ken did notice that Dan & Andrew had issues getting out too but recognizes that they just have to really do well at the challenges.

Ken & Tina wanted to get first this leg but now they just want to survive. Tina thinks they still can do it but Ken is certain their troubles in getting a cab will cost them. Ken admits Tina is the positive one for their team this time as opposed to the previous leg. He is just ready to get down and dirty and kick some butt.

Reunited: Riding in the cab away from the Roadblock, Nick is ecstatic to be back with Starr. The Roadblock apparently took him two hours to complete, which has been their longest time apart the entire race. This Roadblock was especially weird for Nick because he was completely alone doing it and didn’t have her moral support as usually happens during Roadblocks. Having his teammate back is a great feeling. Especially great is that they know they’re back in the front of the pack.

Nick explains that during stressful moments of The Amazing Race, it is reassuring to have Starr there too in order to help overcome issues. A perfect example for Nick is riding in the cab alone without Starr. He is used to having her there directing and questioning the cab drivers. Instead he found himself just letting the cab driver go where he pleased and he was nervous that he might have to take on Starr’s role. Starr can’t imagine having to do a Roadblock where you can’t even see your partner.

Nick, the Artist: Alone in his cab to the end of the Roadblock, Nick explains how he communicates to cab drivers. He does it by drawing pictures in his notebook of where he needs to go. Nick finds it very weird to be alone in the cab. He bets it’s tough for Starr as well to be alone. Nick figures it’s been about 45 minutes since he left and that Starr is probably worried about him by now. What helps Nick feel better is that he knows he’s ahead of everyone else. He just has to get to his current destination.

Nick is feeling comfortable about his cab driver. For starters, the cab driver waited for Nick when he went into the bookstore. The cabbie is also calm and isn’t yelling at Nick in Russian. It’s comforting. Nick is thrilled that the cab driver is following a green line in the cab’s GPS.

The Race as a Metaphor: In the cab, Nick says that he is running the race like he runs his life. When you’re in a sticky situation, sometimes the only thing you can do is deal with it. The world won’t always go along with how you’d like things to go. It’s fun to do the race with Starr as they balance each other out (that was an odd way to edit that video – that last part felt just tacked on).

Andrew’s Helping Hand: Andrew is telling Dan about the Roadblock. He tells him about having to count Stalins and Lenins and that he counted six Lenins and three Stalins. Andrew then went back to the cab driver to ask for help. The cabbie goes into the park with him and the count then becomes six and one. When Andrew goes to the bookstore, he’s wrong. So he figures that he was supposed to count sculptures which are only head and shoulders. That leads Andrew to deduce that there were only five Lenins and one Stalin. But the cabbie points out that one of the statues was a miniature so Andrew went with four and one. After all these (unaired) guesses, Andrew was ready to give up.

After that last incorrect guess and waiting period, Andrew went back in and didn’t have an answer. He then decided to guess and his guess of 62 was surprisingly correct. Both Dan & Andrew laugh at the good luck in that guess. Dan bets Andrew was going crazy during that time. Andrew admits he was going nuts with the Roadblock and that all the running back and forth was ridiculous.

Racing All Alone: Andrew tells us that it has taken a half hour for them to finally get a cab at the start of the race. Dan explains that when you’re last, it’s not a race anymore but a death march. How “last” are you going to be? It’s not a fun feeling but Dan thinks he’d be more stressed out in the middle of the pack. Andrew agrees with Dan’s sentiment that they’re not really in the race anymore. The delay in getting a cab, getting splashed by dirty water, being last and having to do a Speed Bump (in addition to the Detour and Roadblock) all contribute to a defeated Dan & Andrew. Dan would just like to finish the leg before the day ends.

Elimination Station:

Toni & Dallas Eliminated: Ah, sunny Acapulco! Everyone is packing up and getting ready to go. Anita & Arthur have had a good time but are ready to go home. Some flashbacks to Arthur cliff diving are shown. Arthur can’t see how things could get any better in their relationship. It’s been a great time.

Stephanie can’t wait to see her puppy and mom while Anthony can’t wait to spend that million that he didn’t win. Stephanie tells us that when The Amazing Race started, they were both really excited about it and wanted to win. After being eliminated, it was initially depressing. Over the course of their stay at Elimination Station, their mood has gone back to being good as they can see the experience with some perspective now. A flashback of their bungee jumping is shown.

Mark had a good time and found that for a gilded cage, Elimination Station was a pretty good one. Both the race and the time at Elimination Station give perspective on how good the things in your life really are. Flashbacks of a boat trip are shown. Mark is even excited about going back to work. Bill wonders where they’re headed and Mark guesses New Orleans.

Marisa & Brooke are discussing where they’re headed and they bring up New Orleans, which Brooke thinks would be fun. Flashbacks are shown of their snorkeling trip. Brooke comments that everyone thought Dan & Andrew were going to get eliminated but it looks they’ll end up winning it all. Marisa & Brooke are rooting for them to win.

Ty explains how the United States is such a small part of the world. Most Americans don’t go out of their comfort zone and venture out. He was guilty of that mentality so he feels blessed to have had this opportunity. Aja wonders who is going to win. Ty thinks whoever wins will deserve it. Mostly, he’s kinda ready to leave Elimination Station but really wants to see who is winning. He wants it to be Toni & Dallas or Dan & Andrew.

Marisa thinks that the teams there at Elimination Station have had a chance to get to know each other and become a sort of family. Bill knows that special experiences like these are ones you don’t ever want to end. We then see all the teams walking out with their backpacks to an unknown destination. Tune in this weekend to see where they all end up (and to see if Toni & Dallas are there!).

Phil’s Video Diary:

Highlights: We start off the highlights of Phil’s Video Diaries back at the beginning of the race in Los Angeles. Phil recalls how much he loves the beginning because it is great to be around all these energetic and excited teams who are all ready to race. He remembers the Los Angeles Coliseum from the 1984 Olympics and watching it while growing up in New Zealand. It never occurred to him then that one day he’d be starting off a race around the world from there!

Yay! More clips from Bolivia as we see quick cuts of the Cholitas taking out not only Phil but also Barry the sound guy. Reflecting on the Cholitas, Phil is very impressed with the sheer physicality of these athletic, yet theatrical, women. He is quite certain they’d kick the cameraman’s ass. Phil distinctly recalls the main Cholita, Martha, and her commitment to kicking Phil’s ass and not holding back. She was definitely hardcore. Phil wasn’t impressed at all with Barry’s wrestling skills and is certain of his own superior wrestling skills. It was quite hilarious to watch Barry getting taken out.

Returning to New Zealand’s burger joint, Phil confesses he doesn’t normally like beets, but in the Basset Burger, bring ‘em on. Phil chuckles at the conversation Phil’s dad had with Barry in which dad told him that the burger could stain his trousers. Barry responded that he’s more worried about the stain to his reputation. Phil reassures us that burgers weren’t the only birthday meal for dear ol’ dad. But it was great to have him there at the burger joint as dad is a plant scientist and can actually identify what you’re eating. Getting to spend the day with his dad at the Pit Stop was a thrill. Dad got along with the crew and Phil received a lot of emails praising his dad’s comic timing.

Back to the toxic-to-the-eyes market in New Delhi, India! Phil stresses that some things are very hard to show on TV. The dust in the market was unfreakinbelievable. The newbies were all dramatically affected by the intense invasion that the dust causes. Phil is amazed that all the locals can exist in it day in and day out. He wanted to show with his videos just how much people were coughing and sneezing in the alleyway. Remembering Barry eating the super hot chili, Phil discloses he never followed up with Barry on how it felt coming out the other way. He admits he really doesn’t want to know.

In Kazakhstan (apologies for missing this diary recap last week, by the way!), we see Phil’s chicken dance in the chicken factory with Barry. Phil explains that Kazakhstan may have been unfairly portrayed in Borat, yet thinks most people there have a sense of humor about it. He wanted to go there and have fun with the people there and can confirm they do have a sense of humor.

But the chicken farm supervisor was a tough nut to crack. He became Phil’s personal challenge as Phil was determined to make him laugh. So Phil and Barry commenced the chicken dance in order to see if they could get the supervisor to join in. All the crew were unconvinced this plan would work, but sure enough, the supervisor immediately joined in and got into it. Phil is sure the guy must have thought they were all nuts and wondered what it was they were actually filming.

And now for the Barry highlights reel! We see most of his crazy clips first before Phil admits how much Barry keeps things light. Phil loves that aspect as that is how Phil likes to live as well. Cut to a shot of Phil vacuuming the final (and giant) Pit Stop mat located somewhere green and hilly… I notice some droopy trees so perhaps the guesses of the Elimination Station members of New Orleans are right?

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