Apr 13, 2011, Ep 7: Enemy Number One

The Amazing Race 18 Secret Scenes, Episode 7:  Enemy Number One

As we saw in the show, Kent & Vyxsin (pictured) have been ramping up their competitiveness and it hasn’t gone unnoticed by the other teams.  Kent & Vyxsin mount their defense as well, but the consensus is now that Margie & Luke are gone, Kent & Vyxsin are Enemy #1.  As always, India provides moments of clarity for a few of the teams while we also find out that one of the Cowboys could easily become a Varanasi tour guide!  Read on for this and more!

Extra Race Footage

Featured Team:  Kent & Vyxsin

After the Swim:  While riding in their taxi to the Pit Stop, Vyxsin assures Kent that her decision to jump in the water was necessary as the water taxi just wasn’t the right thing to do.  There wasn’t time to wait for the boat man to slowly pull the boat back to the dock so she did what had to be done.  Vyxsin admits that they’ve been stumbling around trying to find the fort and it’s safe to assume that Gary & Mallory have overtaken them.  Regardless, she is glad about she jumped in the water to get out of the sketchy water taxi and she even feels cleaner after having gotten soaked in the river.  Vyxsin has always wanted to bathe in the waters of the Ganges and she finally got to do so.

Featured Team:  Ron & Christina

A Matter of Trust:  Strangely enough Christina tells us that with Margie & Luke out of the game, it feels like the game has gotten more honest.  I’m not sure I ever got the impression Margie & Luke were the sneakiest of the teams, but whatever.  Christina bets that Kent & Vyxsin will step up to take on that role though.  Christina calls them shady while Ron thinks they’re the most two-faced of the remaining teams.  He gives them props for also being savvy and physically capable competitors as well.  Ron believes that Zev & Justin need to be watched but they aren’t nearly as Machiavellian as Kent & Vyxsin or Margie & Luke.

Featured Team:  Ron & Christina

Ulterior Motives:   While we saw in the show that Ron & Christina went off on their own to dine while waiting for the flight, we didn’t see that there was also a strategy to it.  Christina informs us that she likes making the other teams nervous as she’s certain the others begin to wonder where Ron & Chris went.  They can also avoid all the stressful information hunting that goes on in the larger group.

Ron likes also getting a chance to talk to locals as it’s a way to get some insight into the area.  In the last restaurant they were able to find out the proper customs for men and women when entering the Ganges River.  Christina was embarrassed for Vyxsin yesterday as she was running around India with her cleavage out for most of the leg.  She hopes that Vyxsin will be more appropriate today. 

Ron bets that Margie wearing shorts was also offensive to Muslims as they wouldn’t appreciate seeing a middle-aged lady exposing her legs.  Meow!  Even Christina laughs at this and points out Margie isn’t quite middle-aged.  Ron then compliments Margie’s fine legs.  Christina just shakes her head.

Featured Team:  Ron & Christina

Ron’s Spring Cleaning:  Ron rummages through his backpack and shows us all the nitnoid objects he’s collected at  places throughout the trip.  Some things Christina points out just need to go while others are things she knows he’s collecting in order to give as gifts to the locals.  She notices that one of the things is baking soda and while he figures the locals will know it’s for toothpaste, she isn’t sure that’s the case.  I tend to agree with Christina on this one.

Apparently it’s now or never time for Ron to give it away and he gets out of the cab with a plastic bag of stuff in order to hand it to…someone.  But Christina calls him to get back in as she thinks it can be given away a little later. Ron thinks maybe up ahead will be the place where the “street urchins” wait around.  Ha!  Christina thinks giving it to a mother would be smarter as some of the stuff is just random.  Ron had tried to barter a taxi ride earlier with his shampoo but regrettably no one took him up on the offer.  Christina just laughs.

Featured Team:  Flight Time & Big Easy

The Meaning of Tonga:  Flight Time & Big Easy are heading to the airport and based on the clue’s name of Tonga, Flight Time presumes that they’re leaving India and heading to Africa.  He’s hoping the flight levels the playing field and that they get to leave India.  Tonga reminds him of some jungle in Africa but he knows he’ll find out soon enough.

Cut to the airport and Big Easy is laughing as they finally realized that Tonga is still in India.  They’re both determined to keep their head in the game and stay in the race.  They’re shooting for first as it would be a great feeling but they’re okay with holding off on a first place finish till the end. 

Featured Team:  Jet & Cord

Cowboys in Varanasi:  On their boat to the Detour challenges, Jet & Cord explain that obviously they chose to do the hay challenge. The other challenge could have proven to be something they couldn’t do but moving hay is directly in their expertise.  They’re noticing lots of buffalo on the shore and they start to guess that there will be a lot of hay to move.  Cord also sees people washing clothes but Jet points out they’re bathing.  Cord realizes they’re probably doing both at the same time.  Jet educates Cord on the Ganges River’s sin-cleansing capabilities and also points out that the stacks of wood on the shore are for cremation files.  When did Jet become a well-versed tour guide?

Featured Team:  Zev & Justin

Zev & Justin Prepare:  In the cab Justin shows us that he & Zev purchased a guidebook and map to Varanasi.  It was the only one in the shop so he hopes it comes in handy strategically.  Getting a map at Broken Hill, Australia was also invaluable and led to their success in that leg.  Justin has read that Varanasi is quite the spiritual city so he figures that the challenges will revolve around religion somehow.  The Ganges River is also present so a rowing challenge may not be out of the question.  Justin is a little concerned as Zev is not a good rower so they’ve been practicing his air-rowing technique.  Zev demonstrates and Justin commends him for “getting there.”

At the Pit Stop

Featured Team: Ron & Christina (last place)

Ron & Christina Look Ahead:  Christina tells Phil that their first race brought her & Ron together and while this second chance took a while for them to get their act together, they’ve been able to bond as friends. Not everyone gets a chance to do that.

Phil asks Ron what he’s thinking now that Christina is off to be with another man as the main man in her life.  Ron is happy with who Christina chose as he has proven to be a good partner so far and has done everything right to be respectful and thoughtful.  He is thrilled to have a new family united together next year at the wedding.  Christina recalls that Ron’s wish back at Li Jiang was for lots of grandchildren and she knows that her getting married doesn’t mean Ron is out of her life.  There’s just a new chapter about to begin and things are only going to get better.

Featured Team: Kisha & Jen (third place)

Kisha & Jen to the End:  Kisha reminds Phil that the only first place finish that counts is the one at the end.  Phil asks who will be racing at the end.  Jen doesn’t know about two of the teams but knows that the third will be them.  They don’t even care who the other two teams will be.  Phil asks if they know what happened to the cowboys today and Kisha & Jen basically let Phil know they haven’t seen anyone since the Roadblock.

Phil asks if the Roadblock was difficult and Jen tells him that it took a lot of patience to filter through all the colorful fabric to find the people.  Kisha was very proud of Jen and tells Phil that it was a good day.  They don’t bring up the little tiff at the manure Detour though.  They confidently tell Phil they want the million more than any other team and that it’s going to be them at the finish.

Featured Team: Kent & Vyxsin (sixth place)

Goths Hanging On:  Phil points out that Kent & Vyxsin didn’t even stand out that much in India as there were far more colorful people than them about.  Kent compliments the female greeter’s beautiful sari and makeup and knows he can’t even compare.  Phil can tell that Vyxsin is relieved to still be in the race and she agrees, telling him about their bad memories of getting eliminated in India the last time.  When they realized this leg was still going to be in India, they had to shake off their worry and avoid a deja vu situation.

Phil calls out Kent & Vyxsin for doing pretty much what it takes to stay in the race.  Kent agrees that they’re taking a no-holds barred approach as this is an opportunity you just don’t get on a regular basis.  They want to find redemption and they’re happy that India is no longer a place of sadness for them.  Phil asks if they’ll tell more than little white lies to get ahead and Kent says that they’re not going to construct elaborate schemes. 

He admits they’re bad liars so they’ll instead try to just omit information, such as the 30-minute penalty they had earlier.  Vyxsin clarifies that their lies have been only about their own situation and never a malicious attempt to send people the wrong way.  Kent looks a tad uncomfortable as Vyxsin goes on to say that she feels morally comfortable, as he’s probably thinking about blowing Gary off at the Roadblock.  Vyxsin admits that their lies have been critical to keeping them in the race. 

Featured Team: Gary & Mallory (fourth place)

Mallory’s Shirt:  Phil asks what happened to Mallory as her white shirt is filthy.  She points out that this is the same white shirt she got manure on the last time in Russia so basically she’s never wearing this shirt again.  It has too many bad connotations now!  Phil asks how they think of their standings today and Gary admits he’s a little disappointed in his Roadblock performance.  Still it was a good day, especially since they beat Kent & Vyxsin.  Phil asks how they’re so sure about that and that gets Mallory grinning as now she’s not sure.  Phil also wonders about the cowboys and Gary admits he’s curious to see how it all plays out for them this leg as he knows Ron & Christina also had problems.

Featured Team: Zev & Justin (second place)

Sitting in Second:  Phil asks if Zev & Justin have seen the cowboys today.   Justin admits he hasn’t and that they’re actually worried for them.  It’s still not clear to him how they missed that flight this morning.  Phil points out that Zev & Justin are doing great though and that with each new day, Justin’s beard is getting thicker.  Justin pledges to not trim it until the end of the race.

Phil wants an update on the race status from them.  Zev tells him that Travis & Jennifer (?) are stepping on everyone’s toes so they’re not anyone’s favorite team at the moment.  He explains that is Kent & Vyxsin.  Zev continues that the teams don’t like how Kent & Vyxsin are playing, including lying and making it clear they’re playing to win.  Justin actually admits that they get along fine with them but other teams have a problem.  Concerning the rest of the teams, Justin notes that almost all of Season 14 is gone and with it a strong alliance. Everyone gets along great now but there won’t be any tears shed when teams get eliminated. 

Zev warns Phil not to get Ron started on any topic as he’ll talk your ear off.  They both laugh to themselves as they recall when Ron told them about that one time… Concerning the final three teams, Phil wants to know who else will be there with Zev & Justin.  Zev thinks it’ll be Flight Time & Big Easy and Kisha & Jen.  Justin agrees and recognizes that will be a strong final three.

After the Race

Featured Team: Kent & Vyxsin

Goths on the Ganges:  Sometime during the hectic scrambling to figure out all the Roadblocks and Detours, both Kent & Vyxsin suddenly opened their eyes and realized where they were.  They were on “the” Ganges River and were surrounded by numerous temples and beautiful buildings.  She’s glad they had that moment as it was a much-needed moment of calm especially during the extremely stressful leg.  Kent & Vyxsin also saw the memorial ceremony like Gary & Mallory did, which is something neither had ever seen before.  Not only was the moment calming but it also helped her focus and not get overwhelmed.  Humorously she recalls that all that zen was helpful to prepare them for the task of making poop bricks.

Featured Team: Flight Time & Big Easy

Teaching a Lesson:  On the way to the airport during the leg Flight Time tells us that they came amongst a group of kids who were begging for money.  He gave it to them readily as it’s impossible to say no especially as they have enough money on their own back home.  Big Easy would love for his two daughters to truly understand how blessed they are with the comforts they live with.  He wishes that he could teach them that you don’t really need all these things like clothes and games but what you need is love, food, clothes and shelter.  The kids in India may have love but not much of the other things.  They’re still going to school though and even if it’s a difficult journey, they do it without whining.

Featured Team: Gary & Mallory

Kent’s Entertaining Detour:  Mallory was entertained at the manure Detour as she observed how Kent would neatly roll small little balls of manure in hay.  Meanwhile the demonstration showed you just needed to slam the manure into the hay and get moving.  Kent would hand Vyxsin his basket of poop balls and then Vyxsin would take them and slam them against the wall like you were supposed to.  Mallory was cracking up as working in that manure challenge definitely wasn’t the place to try to be neat and orderly.

Featured Team:  Kisha & Jen

Say a Little Prayer:  Kisha tells us that their cab driver to Tonga was giving them a tour of the area and also ended up saying a five-minute prayer for them.  Jen knew it would be a good day because of that.  Kisha & Jen admired the man’s style during prayer as it was very physical and also led to the cab driver closing his eyes…while driving.  So it was a tad nerve-wracking.

Kisha laughs that Jen likes the traffic horns.  Jen explains that Kisha is from NYC and the horns there are used in an offensive, get-out-of-my-way manner.  In India though, it seems it’s more of a polite thing in that you’re letting someone know that you’re coming around.  Kisha still thinks it’s a get-out-of-my-way thing, but Jen points out that there are signs all over instructing drivers to use their horn.  It’s important to do so as Jen notes that the street lines are pretty much pointless.

Featured Team:  Ron & Christina

Ron & Christina Farewell:  Christina is happy to have this opportunity to take time with her dad before getting married.  He’s taught her a lot including that you need to keep your heart in the right place, as anything can happen.  Ron thinks they’ve had a great time together even if it some of it was exhilarating torture. Despite their elimination they can walk away with their heads held high.  They’ve also had some amazing experiences including a walk by the Sydney Opera House and a chance to explore Li Jiang together.  They were little moments but they have weaved themselves into the greater tapestry of their lives.  These moments can never be taken away from them even as they move in to different chapters of their lives.

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