Nov 4, 2011, Ep 6: Someone Who Knows Where They’re Going

The Amazing Race 19 Secret Scenes, Episode 6:  Someone Who Knows Where They’re Going

In this week’s batch of videos from this non-elimination leg, Ernie & Cindy (pictured) place a huge value on having a cab driver who knows where they’re going, while both Bill & Cathi and Andy & Tommy display that a healthy attitude towards the race (and life) can make all the difference in the world.  Marcus and Justin also explain just how exhausting the tobacco Roadblock was while Justin also reveals how much traveling to Africa means to him.  And if you thought Jeremy & Sandy’s passive aggressiveness was ending, read on to find out how wrong you were!

Extra Race Footage

Featured Teams:  Amani & Marcus

Marcus’ Ali Moment: As Amani & Marcus ride in their cab away from the tobacco factory, Marcus is still breathing hard.  He tells us that all the chanting he heard from the workers was getting translated, in his head, to positive cheers.  It was like hearing people cheer for Mohammed Ali.  He’s still not sure what they were saying, but it didn’t matter.  Amani wants to know if he liked it when everyone was following him in when he changed clothes and if he felt like Mohammed Ali then too.  Marcus laughs.

In his youth, Marcus used to work on a farm and he remembers clearly what it was like to lift those bales of hay.  His back is killing him now and he has a ton of respect for those workers as your entire body is getting a workout.  Amani thought it looked like the workers were gliding along when they were moving their tobacco bags.  Marcus laughs that they were all gliding because they were so much shorter than him.  

The weight of each bag was also a challenge to deal with as not only are you moving the bags around, you also had to slide them into a row.   That action required every part of his leg muscles.  He knows that this type of job isn’t for him and that he’d just have to be fired if it was.  Amani is still proud of him but he reassures her that he’s not going back for another day of it tomorrow and his application is going in for another line of work, preferably something for a tall man.  

Featured Team:  Jennifer & Justin

Tired From Tobacco:  As Jennifer & Justin are driving away in their cab from the tobacco factory, Justin is just sitting there staring out the window, utterly exhausted.  Justin tells us that the challenge was very hard and the bales of tobacco were much heavier than they looked.  On top of that, the other factory workers were running into you so it was all quite chaotic.  The cheering crowds were cool though.  It was definitely the hardest physical challenge they’ve had so far.  When he was flying to Africa, Justin was thinking that his cardio had been holding up pretty good so far.  This Roadblock was no joke though and put him through the ringer.

Featured Team:  Andy & Tommy

Their Biggest Competition:  Andy explains that they like all the teams on the race as they’ve gotten to know them all, but if one team was their strongest competition, it would be either Ernie & Cindy or Justin & Jennifer.  Laurence & Zac are also very strong.  He reasons you can’t count any team out as the traveling factor can reshuffle standings in a heartbeat.  It often comes down to luck.  Tommy agrees with what Andy said and restates that their game will be best served if the stronger teams get eliminated first.  Andy comments that he’s happy Amani & Marcus got first place in the last leg and Tommy adds that they must be pumped having just won and now the race is taking them to Africa.  Andy likes that Cindy will be out of her element now that the race is leaving the Asian countries.  Tommy agrees and finds Ernie & Cindy to be a very solid team that regularly kills it.

Featured Team:  Ernie & Cindy

Sew Much Anticipation:  While racing to the design studio for the sewing Detour, Ernie hopes that their sewing machine is nice and actually functional.  If it is, they can get the suit put together quickly and plow through the challenge.  If it isn’t, he chuckles that they may have to switch tasks, a possibility both are hoping doesn’t come to be.  Cindy figures as long as it’s straight seams and no circular motions, they’ll be fine.  She has sown some of her own clothes before.  Ernie points out that Cindy’s sister actually sews quite a bit and if she watches this video, she’s probably going to scream that Cindy can’t sew!

At the Pit Stop

Featured Team:  Bill & Cathi (sixth place)

Bill & Cathi Still Going Strong:  Phil praises Bill & Cathi for still hanging in there and having the bruises to prove it.  Bill & Cathi are thrilled to still be racing and are happy to experience the beautiful continent of Africa.  Their confidence stemming from sticking around has been a boon to their performance.  Phil wonders if the confidence now is stronger because it’s six legs in versus their defeated attitude after just a few legs.  They realize that they’ve hit their stride and finally racing with real purpose.

Bill shares some secrets to racing a good leg, including making sure to read the whole clue, don’t read anything into the clue, get started on the task quickly and with purpose, and don’t bicker.  Cathi adds that you can’t panic and you have to stop and think before acting.  They realized that you can’t let other teams’ panicked states get to you, and they’ve finally started to ignore them.  Phil realizes that may be Bill & Cathi’s edge, as there are some teams that are physically stronger than them, but perhaps will be outmaneuvered by Bill & Cathi thinking smarter.  Even in this leg, Cathi’s experience as a master seamstress meant they thought smartly about which Detour was best for them to do.  

Featured Team: Ernie & Cindy (fifth place)

Not Up to Par:  Phil asks them if this is the lowest they’ve placed in the race so far.  Both admit that’s the case and that it’s not cool. Phil wonders if they’re worried or if they’re going to be alright.  Ernie kvetches about the tobacco factory and how he found it hard to breathe in there.  Cindy points out they did awesome when actually at the factory but it took them an extra half hour just to find it.

Phil asks if they’re still happy to be in the race and they’re both big smiles.  He points out that at this point, all the teams have been picking it up in terms of effort so he wants to know if they still feel like they can compete.  Ernie reassures him that indeed they are still competitive, but their biggest hurdle to success is getting from one place to another.  Phil mentions that they have to figure out a way to improve on this as it’s essential to winning.  Cindy isn’t sure of a good answer as while they do their best looking for things on maps, it often comes down to having a good cab driver who knows his way around.  

Featured Team: Andy & Tommy (first place)

Filled With Happiness:  Phil asks if they received weird looks while carrying the beds.  Andy tells him that they got looks but it was not just for the beds.  Tommy loves it in Africa and finds Malawi to be a very friendly place.  From the time they arrived at the airport, everyone has been all smiles.  A high point is that the locals speak English.  Phil asks how they feel now that six legs on the race are complete.  Andy wants six more!  Tommy explains that they race each leg with determination and with an effort to do better each time.  Phil wonders what the world thinks of them while watching them race.  Andy hopes their friends and family are laughing their heads off.  Tommy agrees but also points out they’ve just been having fun and doing their best to enjoy their time on the race.  Andy figures you just need to have a smile for the race, just like having a smile while living life.

After the Race

Featured Team:  Ernie & Cindy

A Helpful New Friend:  Cindy tells us that on the flight over to Africa, they traded their seats with people who were closer to the front of the plane, which helped give them an advantage.  They also ended up sitting next to the managing director of the Roadblock’s tobacco factory.  He told them a lot about Malawi and the tobacco industry.  Ernie ended up seeing that same guy jokingly laugh at him while moving those bags of tobacco around the factory.  Cindy has picked up on a high level of energy in Malawi and it appears that everyone is just happy and singing and dancing.

Featured Team:  Jeremy & Sandy

Feeling Discouraged:  Sandy explains that she was trying her best to balance the bed frame on her shoulder but a sixty-year-old woman (Cathi) still passed her.  Sandy hugged her afterwards because she respected her.  She realizes now that she was carrying the frame the wrong way and should have put it on her back.  Sandy blames Jeremy as he wasn’t as encouraging as he should have been.  He smirks at the camera in his trademark “I better not say what I’m thinking” way.

Sandy thinks that if Jeremy doesn’t help walk her through physically difficult tasks that it could be a problem for them later on in the race. When she’s going through situations like that and not receiving that encouragement, she tends to shut down.  Halfway through bringing that frame to Phil, she did want to quit.  Apparently they talked about it in their hut afterwards and Sandy has told him he really just has to say “good job” and that will keep her motivated.  Jeremy responds that he understands he should have done better and been more understanding.  He’s apologized  and knows they have to learn from that.   

Featured Team:  Jennifer & Justin

A Special Experience:  Neither Jennifer or Justin have been to Africa before so Justin was happy to have lasted in the race long enough to make it there.  When they opened up the first clue of the leg and saw they were going to Malawi, they both were excited.    As African-Americans, getting this opportunity was amazing and eye-opening.  Justin has been doing his best to absorb everything he can while they’re in Africa.  It’s a taste of and a link to their past to be in Africa.  While there is a distinct African American experience living in the United States, it’s important to him that he’s getting the chance to have this unique and necessary experience.  It is difficult to soak it up while racing, but without the race he wouldn’t have this opportunity.

Featured Team:  Amani & Marcus

Halftime Assessment:  They have broken up this race into two halves, with each half having six legs of the race.  Marcus admits that the first half hasn’t gone as well as they’d have liked.  While they did win one leg in the first half, they want to go further and do better in the second half.  They’ll give the next half even more effort if it’s there to give.  He’s not above hoping that other teams make mistakes as it’s sometimes what helps give you that advantage.  They’re thrilled to have a second chance and are going to make the most out of the opportunities.

Featured Team:  Bill & Cathi

Missing Home:  Cathi tells us that she & Bill miss their family back home.  She verges on tears while talking but holds it together as she explains it’s difficult not to call home and tell them how they’re doing.  Cathi figures their family assumes they got eliminated first and will wonder how they’re going to be embarrassed.  She reasons that she & Bill miss them probably more than vice versa.  Bill laughs because he is certain that whenever they’ve blundered, their family is shouting at the TV and wondering how they could make such mistakes.  Regardless, Bill knows their kids will be proud of them.  Cathi points out that they won’t allow one question from their kids though:  “Why?”

Hobie Barnes lives in Santa Monica, California after enjoying the hectic Manhattan life for 3 or so years.  He just got back from traveling in Turkey, Italy & Greece and can’t wait to see if the places he visited end up on this season of the race.  When not busy fighting the 405 and 101 freeways on the commute to Burbank, he is patiently waiting for an Amazing Race or Survivor scout to cast him!  He can be reached at <a href=””></a>.


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