Two Pauls Enter, One Remains

BB18 Episodes 26-29: August 17,18,19 & 21, 2016

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You’d be smokin some Whitney-level crack if you think I’m going to do much in the way of recapping FOUR episodes, one of which was just a reason to insert the season recap clip show much earlier in the season than usual.  No, what you’ll get here is a much abbreviated and to the point review as I’ve got so much Jeopardy! studying to still do.  So much.

My headline above really doesn’t work for what happened this past Sunday, so let’s get into what it DOES pertain to, as I really wanted to use that headline.

Paulie, You Had It Comin’

BB18_Ep27_PaulieOutAnd I don’t envy your first day in the jury house.  But first, let’s recap what unraveled your game:

  • Your scheming heart wrote some BB checks that ended up bouncing but you were the one who had to pay.  Tortured metaphor much?  Anyway, your bud Paul caught wind of and also noticed for himself that you and he had different goals.  Thus, Paul happily convinced Victor to nominate you.
  • No one was unhappy at this turn of events.  Your attacks on Natalie, and by the transitive property, James, removed part of your support.  Bridgette and Michelle had done quite a bit of work to make sure everyone knew your dirty laundry.
  • Victor still harbored a grudge against you for blindsiding him back in Week 2, and once the tables had turned and Paul convinced him to target you, that ship was gonna sail.  More tortured metaphors!
  • Your pity parties were just sad.  Like, when a golden boy who has been genetically blessed and has had everything go his way in the house up until this point suddenly stops getting his way, throwing a tantrum is not a good look.  In fact, it makes you look like a fucking spoiled brat.  Your hotness factor will be deducted accordingly.

BB18_Ep27_StillSoCuteButSoDoucheyOkay, points restored.  You’re still pretty hot.  But a hot douche nonetheless.  Never forget.

Other Notes From the Eviction and Special Friday Episode:

  • 5-0 eviction is pretty decisive.  Corey wasn’t ever in danger.
  • I do enjoy the occasional Rachel update….okay, no, I don’t.  I’ll admit that I’m surprised as fuck she and Brendan are still together.  And now there’s a baby.  But enough.  Get a job.
  • The Jury House:  Seeing DaVonne again was wonderful.  I am still so sad she’s not able to comment on the goings-on.  LOVED her facial expressions when Zakiyah was explaining the Paulie situation….like, GIRL, YOU DEAF, DUMB, AND BLIND???  I also liked Bridgette arriving and loudly and forcefully announcing Paulie better be coming to the jury house right after her.  She certainly ensured that outcome could happen, and well, we all know it did turn out that way.  Fun times in the Jury House to come!
  • Stupid Games, a random concert from Ziggy Marley, and more of Victor being a dick.  What’s NOT to love???  Seriously, Victor is such a douche, it makes Paulie look absolutely normal in comparison.  Please tell me he goes home soon.

Natalie Scores a Win, and So Does Michelle, and So Does America!

BB18_Ep29_HoHNatalieWinsThis Black Box HoH was pretty damn great.  I liked it better than the one they did 2 seasons ago where people could kind of sabotage the others.  I couldn’t have predicted that Natalie would pull out a win, edging out Corey by mere seconds as it came down to a tie with the tiebreaker being who got to 10 discs first.  Natalie was initially celebratory, but then the reality sank in: there’s only 7 people left and nominations mean people will be pissed off.

Surprisingly, I have to give Nicole some game-props.  After having Paul & Victor tell her that the goal is to get James and Michelle out next, Nicole almost IMMEDIATELY runs over to Natalie and James to indicate that it was Paul, and not her (Nicole), bringing up this plan to target James.  I give props as I think she realizes you need to get that kind of shit dealt with immediately as she’s been burned extensively by this kind of strategy talk when it comes out from the other person first (see: Frank, in everything).  And it pays off, as Natalie and James believe her, knowing that Nicole is pretty terrible at lying; plus, the news comes before the HoH comp, so now it doesn’t look too opportunistic.  Natalie then wins, and now Nicole’s groundwork-laying is there and provides an opportunity for Nicole & Corey to seal the deal with the other duo of Natalie & James.  Hats off to you, Nicole.

Alas, a wrinkle:

Michelle gets the America’s booby prize or whatever we’re calling it and it’s to be Co-HOH.  Wah wah.  But then, guess what, someone else impresses me now:  Natalie!  Okay, Natalie already impressed me by winning the grueling HoH comp, but she manages to derail Michelle’s thoughts of targeting Nicole and focus her on bigger targets:  Paul & Victor.   And it works!  Frankly, I’m a little surprised at how big a target Nicole is for Michelle.  Why would you insist that Nicole goes first over literally ANYBODY else?  Choose Corey of the duo if you insist.  But anyway, somehow Natalie convinces Michelle of the better targets to go after….

BB18_Ep29_NominationsAnd here we are!  Natalie nominates Victor, and Michelle nominates Paul.  Could be an interesting week!

Status & Standings:

BB18_Ep29_StandingsOutgoing Head of Household:  Victor
Nominated for Eviction:  Paulie & Corey
Veto Winner:  Victor
Veto Used?  Nope
Evicted:  Paulie (5-0)
New Head of Household:  Natalie
Co-Head of Household, per America:  Michelle
Nominated for Eviction:  Victor (Natalie) & Paul (Michelle)

The less said about a jury member coming back into the house on Thursday, the better.  ENOUGH ALREADY.

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