Loose Lips…Sink a Mostly Sunken Ship

BB18 Episode 21 – August 4, 2016

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Well, this episode didn’t really have any surprises in store for us, as what was promised by all the work of the last few episodes was then indeed given to us.  🙁  I’m going to miss the best narrator of the season as DaVonne’s Diary Room sessions were by far the most natural and the most hilarious of all the houseguests.  Let’s talk about her last few days in the house and that HILARIOUS slip of the tongue by James…

Oh, James

BB18_Ep21_DebatingDaVonnesFateI didn’t turn my blog into a James Bond appreciation site just yet, but the exclamation above certainly fits.  Here’s a nice little strategy session for next week and the expectation that a Double Elimination is coming their way.  The DaVonne issue is pretty much put to bed, although James sweetly indicates that he doesn’t want her to get 0 votes to stay.  That’s nice, but still.  Anyway, James is up first in the hot seat in discussing who the targets are for next week if D.E. comes around, and he mentions…

BB18_Ep21_DETarget_Bridgette BB18_Ep21_DETarget_Victor…Bridgette and Victor, as why not.  Bridgette is the easy target (but watch this space – I have a feeling Bridgette’s target will get smaller and smaller as the alliances all aim to take out bigger threats), and Victor doesn’t “deserve” to be there as a returnee.  Sure, safe call to make James.  And then DaVonne comes in to see what’s the what and the group talks about who to target for Double Elimination, and James pipes in that it’ll be “B” and “V”….

BB18_Ep21_JamesSlipsUp BB18_Ep21_BracingForTheStorm BB18_Ep21_YeahOoopsThose are the faces of people who really can’t fucking believe James just said that.  OH JAMES.  Awkward fumblings of “who’s B?” ensue, but of course DaVonne isn’t a moron and knows full well what this all means.  No hysterics here, as it’s pretty much clear she’s not staying this week.  But damn.

In a Numbers Game, 3 Isn’t Enough

BB18_Ep21_DaVonnesRemainingAlliesThe group of Zakiyah, Michelle, and DaVonne are tight, but that’s not enough to save her.  They appeal to Natalie, who freely tells them her vote is to keep Bridgette as they’re friends.  But you have to still go for it, and they put the bug into Natalie’s and James’ head that maybe it’s worth forcing a tie.

Alas, No Tie Needed to Be Broken

BB18_Ep21_OfftoJuryAnd a 6-2 vote later, DaVonne was solidly evicted, and the One Way Ticket ensured she headed on over to the Jury House.  An unsurprising end to DaVonne’s game in the house.  DaVonne admitted she probably focused far too hard and far too early on the rivalry with Tiffany and Frank, which is definitely the case.  I think she trusted in her various alliances too much and didn’t fully realize they were starting to view her as a liability and not an asset.  I’ll certainly miss her though, and hope we get some Jury House vids post haste.  One thing that might be interesting, if it plays out, is her final whisper to Victor while leaving the house:  “You’re their Double Elimination Target!”  I’m personally quite a fan of the “blow up someone’s game” strategy as you leave.    There’s no need for honor amongst BB houseguests – remember, those BB checks can be bounced.  Will Victor do anything with this information?  I hardly think he will as he’s enjoying the bro-out, and that might serve him well.  What the hell else can he do?  He’s really got no one, even with Paul nominally on his side.

Status & Standings:

BB18_Ep21_StandingsHead of Household:  Paul
Nominated for Eviction:  Bridgette & DaVonne
Evicted:  DaVonne (6-2, with Zakiyah & Michelle voting to keep DaVonne)

So there we are – it feels like we’re just about to break into the next phase of the game, as the big ol’ group is finally running out of easy and obnoxious targets.  This is when the game really will get interesting, and I wager Bridgette has a good shot of lasting quite a bit longer.  Hell, I’d LOVE to see her win HoH this week.  We know she has endurance skills, so we’ll see who ends up on top when the HoH Swing comp ends!

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