Couldn’t resist

I had to re-post a comment I saw on the Huffington Post – of course I’m sure others will think this is all liberal spin… whatevs.  Prove it wrong.

For those of you trying to keep up at home:

$1.6 trillion tax cut = OK
$1 trillion+ spent in Iraq = OK
Annual $500 billion deficits = OK
Near-Doubling of the National Debt from $5.8 T to $10.7 T = OK
$85 billion to bail out AIG = OK
$700 billion to bail out the rest of Wall Street = OK
$700 billion in domestic infrastructure investment = Wasteful Pork
$75 billion to keep people from losing their homes = Socialism OMG


Anyway, I wrote my first recap of the Amazing Race 14, episode 1 Insider videos but it hasn’t been posted yet.  Gotta say though that after that firsrt episode, I really really want to go to Switzerland!!!   Survivor has been entertaining so far and LOST was freakin’ glorious yesterday. 

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