Lots o’ photos

I went and posted pretty much a month and a half’s worth of photos I’ve been sitting on, finally.  They’re over at the regular hobiebarnes.com site. 

I also killed the Shooting Gallery.  No need and I was getting tons of user requests from spammers.  Bah!

And if you missed seeing the Beyonce / Paul Rudd SNL sketch, my apologies, as I see that it is no longer available.  Bastards!  OH wait, that’s my employer I’m talking about!  But why the hell isn’t that on Hulu?  It’s effin’ hilarious, much moreso than the Joe Biden cold open.  C’mon now.

One thought on “Lots o’ photos”

  1. Update yr blog… .
    …..it’s been dead for weeks…
    Oh, and Merry Christmas….hope you and Larry have a great holiday season…. Uncle..

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