Julia’s Terrible, No-Good Mistake

BB17 Episode 34 – September 9, 2015

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Damn.  I think Dalton Ross’ tweet sums up this whole episode the best:

It really is shocking that Vanessa’s last-minute suggestion to Julia completely short-circuited any of Julia’s previous ideas about playing the Veto competition.  John must have fallen over in his chair when his name wasn’t called and Austin’s was – we just probably weren’t shown it.  Unbelievably stupid of a move and just shocking that it actually worked – and set the path in motion for Julia’s own nomination as well as almost breaking up Liz & Austin.  Good times!

The Plan for Veto:  Julia Must Win

For the Austwins, the obvious best plan is that in the Veto Competition, Julia has to win.  The hope is that Liz & Austin will be in a position to throw it to Julia for the win.  That way Julia can use the Veto on one of them and also be safe, forcing Vanessa or John to be nominated.  Easy enough of a plan, but obviously you still have to beat the other 3 at the Veto Comp.  Details details.

The Most Unreal Veto Comp of the Season

BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_Arena2 BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_ArenaThis Veto comp is one of the more brutal ones out there – especially with the heat we’ve been having here in SoCal – and is a return from Season 15.  You compete 1-on-1 and that is determined by random draw and then by a challenge, and then the first to knock down the 4 pins at the end of the bowling lane wins.  There’s a gate in front of the pins though, and the only way to get that down is to spin on the handles 15 times.  You then have 15 seconds to throw bowling balls down the lane towards the pin.  Rinse and repeat until someone wins.  Oh yeah, forgot to mention our host for this Veto:

BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_Jesse BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_Jesse2The Much-Anticipated Return of Jesse!!!!

Okay, no one ever really anticipates Jesse’s return.  But there he is – and his body is kind of ridiculous.  Apparently he’s a wrestling star nowadays.  Still would make a perfect Gaston if he had the musical theater talent.

BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_TwinsLoveItHe does have his fans….

BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_AustinAnnoyed…while some aren’t quite there yet.

BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_Spinning BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_stevesTumbleAnyway, the competition starts off humorously, with Liz selected first and she naturally challenges Steve.  Steve naturally falls off the course because he’s so dizzy.  We’ve all been there and I can’t claim I’d do any better!  Steve can’t pull out a win and is eliminated in this round as Liz just narrowly beats him in knocking down the pins.

Up next?  Julia.  Time for her fate to be sealed….

BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_VanessaAdvisesJulia BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_JuliaChoosesAustinVanessa is a damned evil genius.  Look at Julia’s face right here – she’s so excited to implement Vanessa’s suggestion despite knowing that the original plan is John.  Vanessa insists it’s the right way though right before she got up there and amazingly, Julia utters the words, “I challenge Austin!”

BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_AustinsReaction BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_LizDoesntKnowHere’s where Austin loses it and Vanessa hopes it’s not completely obvious that Julia just did what Vanessa told her to do.  Liz has no idea what just happened.  From that point on, Austin is positive that there’s a secret plot by the whole house to get him out (nope – just half the house’s goal) and that the Twins are playing him.  So out comes “Judas” and the rest of the competition is dominated by him as he wants vengeance.

BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_AustinJulia BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_Austin BB17_Ep34_VetoComp_AustinWinsAnd sure enough, his rage drives him towards winning the Veto!  Austin is in total asshole mode by now and it becomes clear to Liz that Austin has a massive chip on his shoulders now.

The Aftermath

BB17_Ep34_AustinKissesVetoWhile Austin makes love to his Veto all over the house, it’s annoying the Twins to no end.  Liz & Julia yell at each other over how stupid a decision that was of Julia’s, which Julia fully recognizes.  She claims to have been bewitched by Vanessa (paraphrasing her) and that kind of calms Austin down a little, but not that much.

Vanessa is DAMN Good

BB17_Ep34_VanessaComfortsJulia BB17_Ep34_LizIsntAmusedJulia and Liz confront Vanessa about WTF was that advice about!  Vanessa flawlessly defends herself, insisting that whatever Austin said he was going to do regarding throwing the Veto comp to Julia, she knows for a fact he was never going to do that.  Vanessa explains that Austin isn’t stupid as there’s no way he can win if both Twins are there.  Brilliant, as both Liz & Julia seem to buy it – frankly, it’s not exactly a lie, but their response should have been about why Vanessa said anything at all and isn’t it convenient that this benefits YOU most of all since there’s no way you’re getting nominated now?

BB17_Ep34_JuliaVanessa BB17_Ep34_VanessaTruthJulia is then told by Vanessa that if Austin was going to throw it to her, then “why didn’t he?”  OMG – just brilliant by Vanessa.  You see Julia realizing that is indeed the truth – Austin didn’t throw it.  Vanessa insists there’s so much she could tell about Austin if she wanted to – and mentions she doesn’t trust Austin nor has she ever.  Wow.  All the Oscars to Vanessa for this season – write her that $500k.

Liz & Austin’s Near-Breakup

BB17_Ep34_LizAustinAlmostOver BB17_Ep34_AustinRuinedHisLife BB17_Ep34_LizOverItThere was a whole lot of time devoted to this fracture in the Liz & Austin relationship.  It mostly amounted to Liz really not liking this dickish side of Austin and that he’s no Clay (who would sacrifice himself to save his lady – ugh).  Austin tries to apologize for his temper later and that’s when Liz basically says that she thinks could be the end of “this” and Austin is just like, WTF?  He claims to have ruined his life for her in that he broke up with his on-the-rocks girlfriend for her.  Liz just loves hearing that.  It doesn’t end well.

BB17_Ep34_JuliaEvictsAustinsShitThere’s a funny scene later on where Julia gets more annoyed at Austin as he’s still wearing his Veto so she evicts his shit to another bed.  Julia has never liked Austin and probably never will – even after the game.

Despite all this drama – it doesn’t stick.  Later in the evening, Liz crawls out of her bed with Julia and reconciles with Austin.  So this amounted to a bump in the road for them and they made it through.  Good for them?

Twin Twist Now Has Its Expiration Date

BB17_Ep34_VetoMeetingAustin BB17_Ep34_VetoMeeting_TwinsNominatedAustin clearly isn’t a complete moron and uses the Veto to save himself.  It’s not really a surprise who was going up next to Liz, as there was nothing shown to us about any moves to backdoor John or Vanessa at this point…so, guess who reaped what they sowed???  Take a seat, Julia.

BB17_Ep34_SteveOkayWithResultSteve isn’t terribly upset that Austin dodged a bullet as breaking up the Twins is still a good consolation prize.  I completely agree.  And I still can’t reconcile that this Steve exists at all – he’s making moves when it counts and if he can make it to the end, he has quite a good case for defending his win.  But if he (or anyone) is up against Vanessa?  Good luck and god speed as I don’t think anyone can beat her in the Final 2.

Status & Standings:

BB17_Ep34_StandingsHead of Household:  Steve
Nominated for Eviction:  Austin & Liz
Power of Veto Winner:  Austin
Veto Used?  Yes, on himself
Replacement Nominee:  Julia (on herself, because yeah)

Quite a week this has been.  Possibly the most entertaining of the season thus far, as it has been equal parts strategically interesting as well as jaw-dropping cases of idiocy and blunder.  Who will go home tonight?  I honestly think Liz is going to get sent packing as she’s the strongest threat compared to Julia.  I can’t imagine there’s any other outcome.

Next, we jump ahead 2 episodes and say goodbye to Julia in the meantime –>

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