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Larry & I fell in love with Britney from Big Brother 12 (that would be two summers ago…yikes!) for basically being the most hilarious, snarky contestant ever on the show.  Ever.   But the line she said that has stuck with us for the last two years – literally, the LAST. TWO. YEARS – is a line she said when being interviewed by after the show.  She’s ragging on how crazy Rachel is, especially Rachel’s need to be on TV and how she literally  has two faces, one for the camera, one for real life.  Watch below.  IT IS SO FUCKING FUNNY.   Larry helped me cut the original video to just the line, but below that is the actual entire interview, which itself is utterly hilarious.  I wish she had come back for All Stars!


Here’s the whole clip from Youtube (the clip above is right around the 2:43 point):

Why the hell am I talking about cookies?  Because we made some amazing chocolate chip cookies this weekend and whenever cookies are involved, Larry & I will always resort to, “REGAN, YOU WANT SOME COOKIES?????”  And so here I am, back posting, and I had to find this video.

Secret to Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

You want to know the secret to secret perfect chocolate chip cookies?  It’s twofold:

– You must have properly softened butter.  Leave it out overnight.  It’s essential.
– Second, use parchment paper on your cookie sheets.  This prevents the cookies from burning directly on the sheet, making them cook better plus it’s so much less messy this way.  ZOMG.  These are the best cookies ever.

I promise to be back soon with pics from the last two months or so.  I think I’ve found a great efficient way to show off my Picasa-hosted photos and not have them only show up in a teeny-tiny window.  I mean, seriously, who can see them?  I have a little bit of work fixing older posts just to get the photos to display better, but it’ll be worth it.


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