16th-Place Jace

BB17 Episode 5 – July 2, 2015

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The plan was put in motion and executed fairly easily this week, wasn’t it?  I’ll give Jace some credit for doing his best to try and rally some votes his way, but even though houseguests told him that of course they’d vote to keep him, not a single one of them really meant it.  It’s Week 1, the alliances are in major flux, and if you can get a strong physical threat out at the very beginning, why not take that opportunity?  Especially if the house is pretty much all on board?  No one wants to fall on a sword at this early stage of the game.  There will be no more “Save Cappy!” happening Week 1, let me tell you.

But First, the Twin Twist

BB17_Ep5_TwinTwistI did not call this one at all.  I had my money on Becky being the secret twin.  Finding out it was Liz (and Julia) was a shock and I loved it.  I was trying to put myself in their place and came to the conclusion that it’s gotta be freakin’ hard to go in and interact with others as if you had been there the whole time.  You only have 10-15 minutes of info transfer and you know that not everything is going to be passed along.  BB17_Ep5_Twins_LizJuliaI thought maybe that the hidden twin could watch the live feeds but realized that would be a major advantage to have, so no way is that happening.  So major kudos to Liz and Julia for managing to pull off the charade as well as they are.  It could easily go the other way and be noticed immediately.

This Season’s First Eviction

BB17_Ep5_JaceEvictedIn an absolutely unsurprising manner, Jace was evicted 12-1.  Now, you’d think that one vote to evict Jackie would have come from Austin, Jace’s ShellTown alliance partner, but you’d be wrong.  Jace wisely advised his friends not to bother voting to save him and make themselves targets…but then where’d that one vote come from?  AUDREY, yet again deciding to play way harder than necessary.  I can only imagine she figured Austin was a sure vote to save Jace, so introducing a random 2nd vote against Jackie could enable Audrey to then start sowing discord into the house.  SMFH (= shaking my fucking head).  I’m obviously assuming that’s what she was intending, and maybe she still will try to make that a thing, but c’mon, just breathe and calm down, girl.

Chillin’ With Julie

BB17_Ep5_JaceExitsJace made quite an entrance/exit.  He was remarkably graceful in his departure from the house, not leaving in a blaze of drama but with a good sense of sportsmanship, whatever that means in reality TV.  Outside with Julie, he was also very kind with his words and obviously held no grudges.  He also guessed correctly that Audrey was who voted to keep him, knowing that she’s doing everything she can to stay in the game.

BB17_Ep5_JaceSeesTheTwinTwistI really loved Jace’s reaction to the secret Twin Twist though, as it was quite clear he hadn’t suspected that in the slightest.  I’ll give Liz and Julia credit for being good at their deception, but let’s be honest, Jace wasn’t the most observant of houseguests either.  Still, it seems like he has a real shot at getting to date one of them.  I loved that he has no idea which one he’s interested in – how could he, right?

Thus ends James’ week as the first HoH of the season.  I’d say it was quite a successful and productive week, getting out a potentially strong physical threat right at the beginning.  So many times you see a fairly weak competitor go out first, and it really is a waste.  Use the chaos of that first week to your advantage and pick on a strong threat and get. them. OUT.

Tell Us About the Next BB Takeover, Kathy Griffin!

BB17_Ep5_BBT_KathyGriffinKathy Griffin is our next BB Takeover host, and we got to find out what her new twist will be:  A phone will be introduced into the house, and whoever answers the 7th call will receive the power to prevent 3 people from voting at the next eviction.  That is quite a cool power to have, and if you’re on the block and know you have a chance to stay but only if the numbers slightly change in your favor, this power is a game changer.  It will be interesting to see who lucks into this power, and if it is used effectively and most importantly, dramatically!

Crown 2 New HoHs, Ginger!

BB17_Ep5_HoH_GingerFeverHey, I’m not being derogatory.  That was the name of the HoH competition!  Kathy’s got a new movie coming out in this alt universe called Ginger Fever, and she hates the poster that’s been created for it.  So it’s up to the houseguests to build her a new one from the puzzle pieces in front of them.  Run back and forth, collecting one piece at a time, and assemble the hot new poster first!  Two heats were conducted:

BB17_Ep5_HoHComp BB17_Ep5_HoH_BeckyWins BB17_Ep5_HoH_BeckyAnd in the first heat, Becky freakin’ dominated and became the first HoH.  Good on her, although I’m wondering if she’ll have Jason in her sights especially with her feelings about being nominated by him this past week.

BB17_Ep5_HoH_GoodGingerFeverPoster BB17_Ep5_HoH_ShelliWinsIn the second heat, Shelli likewise dominated.  I think I saw Clay had managed to put 2 pieces up on the board, and possibly in the right combination.  The boy is pretty, but a strategic giant he is not.  That’s alright, it makes me feel slightly better that Clay isn’t super across the board.

With Shelli and Becky both HoHs this week, I think it’s the first time that both HoHs were women since this twist was introduced last year.  I honestly can’t think of another pairing that wasn’t all guys or one guy/one girl.  I started to think perhaps Nicole & Christine had been co-HoHs but no, that didn’t happen.  Right?  Thinking makes my brain hurt.

Status & Standings:

BB17_Ep5_StandingsOutgoing Head of Household: James
Nominated for Eviction:  Jackie & Jace
Evicted:  Jace (12-1)
Twin Twist:  Liz, with her twin Julia
New Heads of Household:  Becky & Shelli

I wasn’t going to put any kind of super-alliance grouping on this latest status board, but I figured that drawing it around the loose collection of people that say they’ve kind-of allied helps illustrate where the divisions may still lie in the house.  Shelli being HoH certainly helps Clay, and I guess by extension the other 7 in that yellow grouping.  Yet we know Da’Vonne has major problems with Shelli now, and can we believe Audrey is really in anyone’s alliance now?

On the other side, Becky winning the other HoH and her likely being considered a floater, at this stage of the game, means her decision isn’t so obvious.  I posited that she’d go after Jason, but maybe she has moved on from his nomination of her and has other fish to fry.  I do like Becky though, so I’m hoping she can parlay this power into some long-term gain.

I’ll wait until Sunday’s episode to determine if that yellow grouping goes away.

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