Shall We Over-Play a Game?

BB17 Episode 4 – July 1, 2015

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Without fail, the first week of Big Brother ends up being a super hyperactive encapsulation of an entire season, with all the ups and downs of alliances forming and falling apart and the resulting euphoria, paranoia, and anger all along for the ride.  Last season we had Devin losing his damn mind that first week and paying for that overplaying by getting evicted third!  I honestly can’t blame them new houseguests for being overwhelmed by the adjustment to living 24/7 with the same people, competing for the grand prize, and knowing you can’t really trust anyone.  It’s why I’d NEVER want to go on this show.  I’m far too sensitive a soul for this game.

So here we are with the first week jitters right on schedule.  I thought I would have some great new diagrams to put on my Standings board, but you know what, the only alliance that really actually means anything is the one that is sorta doomed: ShellTown.  But at least they actually trust each other.

We looked to have a loose alliance forming with James, Jason, Da’Vonne and Audrey bringing in Meg and Clay, and that’s not a bad group.  Potentially problematic with Clay’s relationship with Shelli, but still, workable.  But Da’Vonne tells us privately she knows this isn’t long-term but will work for the time being.  Uh oh – I mean, I get her point, but seriously, you can’t keep looking to the doorway for an 11 to walk in and take you away from the 6 you’re with.  Love the one you’re with!

How to Overplay, Da’Vonne Style

BB17_ep4_DaVonneAngryFrankly, I like Da’Vonne.  But this episode did her no favors.  Was she doing anything wrong by counting things in the house?  Not at all.  But when you look kind of odd and people notice and interact accordingly, there’s a couple of ways you could have handled it.  One could laugh it off and admit what you’re doing – sure, that might help others out a little bit, but it immediately removes the weirdness.  But instead it became personal and she was livid that Clay, but especially Shelli, sent in Jeff to see what she was doing in the bedroom.  BB17_ep4_JeffClay_InfoExchangeAgain, I can see her thought pattern, but damn, it’s a game about relationships.  You’re safe this week, but you’re not safe next week.  Why do this?   It’s a careless move that only served to shine a bright light on you as an unstable alliance mate.

BB17_ep4_DaVonneListensClay BB17_ep4_ClayAngryJeff talked to Da’Vonne, apologized, then told Clay what Da’Vonne was pissed about, which Clay felt he had to address.  Her impression of his approach I definitely agreed with, as it was obviously he was pissed too, so this conversation was kind of doomed from the start.  Clay realized he has to apologize though, even if he doesn’t agree that he did anything, and does, but Da’Vonne doesn’t buy it and privately loses her shit to us some more.  Clay also has Da’Vonne on his radar.  See?  None of this had to happen over such a STUPID THING, but it does and it will because people still haven’t adjusted to life in the house.

How to Overplay, Audrey Style

BB17_ep4_AudreyOverplaysThen we have the player who thought Devin did everything right last season!  Tell me she didn’t just go and try to make almost half the house into an alliance with the subtlety of a fucking sledgehammer!  It’s a GREAT idea to march into bedrooms where people are either sleeping or cuddling or what have you and then DEMAND that just one of the people there come with you.  For secret reasons.  Or you know, you could wake up sleeping people and demand they come with you too.

I’d always find a reason to awaken a sleeping Clay

These people are not your friends, Audrey.  You’re annoying the fuck out of them with the constant alliance-building, and doing it in the most inconsiderate and blunt ways.

BB17_ep4_ThrilledToBeThereAlso, it didn’t go unnoticed by Da’Vonne that Clay only came up and truly apologized/hugged it out with her because Audrey is trying to play den mother to the house.  So now you’ve got someone who really could have been an ally getting tired of you, although I think that mindset is a two-way street as you were getting tired of Da’Vonne’s antics too.


Everyone Can Spell!

BB17_ep4_VetoCompArenaThis challenge always shows up as the first Veto comp, and unlike previous seasons where the appalling spelling crimes illustrate certain inadequacies in our beloved houseguests, everyone here managed to spell a word, correctly.  No CALTORU this season.  🙁

BB17_ep4_TrombonistsSo good on Steve for saving himself and winning the Veto.  He probably didn’t need to win and take himself down, but the  security of saving yourself certainly is worth it.  Because who knows, maybe they would have found a reason to target him, leaving him up on the block instead of Jackie.

The Have-Not Dentist Room Will See You Now

BB17_ep4_HaveNotroomHey, at least the chairs are sorta contoured for sleeping.  Better than Ice Beds or Airline Chairs!

Veto Ceremony Time

BB17_ep4_TheVetoDespite all the things that happened in this episode, Da’Vonne was safe from any immediate repercussions due to her BB Fast Forward.  Maybe there was talk about making Audrey a target, but I think the plan set in motion just seemed like an easy one to continue executing.

BB17_ep4_SteveThinksWhy is time wasted on this particular part of the show especially if the Veto winner is on the block?  At least Steve didn’t ask Jackie to make a speech.

BB17_ep4_JaceIsUpAs expected, Steve took himself down, and James had to nominate a replacement.  He continued on the Backdoor Jace Plan, which definitely stunned that knucklehead as he & Austin thought they were in some alliance called Cloud Town with Audrey & James and were solid, brah!  I guess we’ll see how good Jace’s social game is leading up to tonight’s vote.  His streaking session impressed absolutely no one – there were more “over it” expressions there than I could have imagined.  Even Ian’s streaking provoked a bit of laughter and shock.  Not this time.   Austin is also well aware he has an uphill battle ahead of him as he’s obviously tied to Jace.

Status & Standings:

BB17_Ep4_StandingsHead of Household: James
Nominated for Eviction:  Jackie & Steve
Power of Veto Winner:  Steve
Veto Used?   Yes, on Steve
Replacement Nominee:  Jace

You may remember that just an episode ago, I had lines here, there, everywhere!  Now?  Absolutely none of the lines made any real sense, except for where true ties still clearly exist, such as the Amazing Race folks, ShellTown, and the Clay-Shelli Showmance.  Other than that?  These people need a decompression week and get their shit together.

Good News though:  Kathy Griffin is coming in as the next host of BB Takeover!

Next, the First Eviction and the Twins Reveal –>

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