Damn You, Survivor

Due to all of the hectic life changes going on for me at the end of February/beginning of March, I ended up not watching either Survivor or Amazing Race this season.  Frankly, I didn’t miss them.   I probably miss Amazing Race more but the whole premise of Survivor this season (social class) seemed just pandering and terrible.  So I didn’t watch and didn’t miss it.  But then I find out yesterday that for the next season, it will be 20 people from a pool of 32 previous contestants who’ve only played the game once but never won.  THAT is interesting, folks.  And now I’m suddenly intrigued and will likely watch the next season.

survivor_secondchance2I’ve been looking at the roster and I definitely remember those from the earlier seasons, like Kelly from S1 who was the runner-up to infamous Richard Hatch.  Kimmi is also extremely memorable as the loud-mouth who went up against Alicia in S2.  Anyway, I’m intrigued and can’t deny I’ll be watching.  And probably voting too.

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