Super Mamma Mia Trouper!

You know, it’s pretty hard to surpass ABBA in sheer joy to be found from listening to their songs. Even when I’ve had the day I had, starting it especially having been awake from midnight to 4am, well, who knew I’d be blasting ABBA’s Mamma Mia and Super Trouper at the end of same said day? Because really, things definitely have gotten a lot more interesting. Why? Well, I’m certainly not feeling all that much better, cold-wise. Eck. But other stuff happened: we finally worked out what had happened in the application deployment last night so we will be able to (after I beg and plead with the powers that be) correct that and make things good again! Yay! Then I heard from my Dad, which is always a good thing, and they’re close to San Antonio again. I got home a little earlier than normal today because I just was NOT going to work out today as working out while sick = retardation. Then I got to watch a lot of Angel Season 2 and Project Runway (LOVED that they brought back the auf’d contestants from this season to pair up with the remaining ones)….but that all led up to quite the surprise: Turns out my Reality TV writings and posts may have not been for nothing after all! I can’t remember off-hand if I mentioned it here in these posts, but I submitted a ‘resume’ of my work to, as they were asking for writers for Big Brother 10. Well, that was a month or so ago and I never heard anything more. I figured it had been a crazy idea in the first place, but you have to apply, right? Well, guess what? I got an email tonight from the editor of the site and he wants to talk about me writing something for the site! HELLS YEAH. It doesn’t pay, but who cares? I just want to write. This could be so cool. Anyways, I’m going to sleep quite well tonight. Happiness + Alka-Seltzer Plus COLD = AWESOME.

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  1. I’m glad things are working out in all aspects of your life. And that is such a KA-YOOT pic of you and Larry. Wow, who’d a thunk your blogs of the BB seasons would aid in your plans to take over THE WORLD? Well, at least the world of reality TV. Well, at least the section of reality TV universe that contains Big Brother. So, do we need to refer to you as, “Your Holy Bloggerness” and kiss you motherboard?

    1. Hi Ferdie!!!
      I love that pic of me and Larry too – it was such a fun evening. And as for my possible reality TV journalistic ‘career’, yeah, who knew that all that time spent on websites and forum blogs would finally pay off? I am still ‘in talks’ to determine which show or shows I’ll write about, but it looks like the main editor is quite interested in having me write. So yay!!!!
      Your Holy Bloggerness,

  2. I finally watched Mamma Mia, well the movie. Loved it! You must have been peeing your pants when they played your fave, Waterloo, during the “encore”. And if I didn’t already LOVE Colin Firth! To play the gay dad! Off the charts! And congrats on a great SNL skit. With Gov. Palin & Sen. Clinton!!! BOWL!!!!

    1. The makers of the movie followed along (mostly) with the structure of the Broadway show, including the Waterloo part. They knew better than to ignore that, as that Encore is one of the most fun parts of the show. In fact, I am actually planning to hit up the Broadway show in the next few weeks as now that I’ve signed up for Playbill discount notices, I get to find out when all the shows are running specials, and Mamma Mia just started having specials. woo hoo!!!!

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