A PS4 ….Controller… for Me

I haven’t updated my videogame consoles yet to the latest generation as hello, I have a fairly awesome PC that I regularly update with awesome components.  BUT, I have been keeping my eye on the trends of best controllers to use while gaming on a PC as there are definitely games that you need a controller for vs using keyboard/mouse, like any GTA game or something like Far Cry.  Mucho necessary-o.  Kotaku ran an article a week or so ago praising the PS4 controller as a great PC gaming controller, and so, presto shazam, I got one!

Kotaku_PS4ControllerAnd so it’s kind of a good controller although I have to still find/acquire a good bluetooth receiver to plug into my PC.  I tried one that Larry gave me and it was the worst!  You can still plug it in with a USB cable though and that makes it work perfectly.

1-IMG_3154.JPG (2)I am not sure I’m sold on it just yet – I’m really used to the Xbox360 wireless controller I have been using for the last few years and don’t find much wrong with it.  But the word on the street with the kids is that the PS4 controller is WHERE IT’S AT!  And you KNOWS I am always with it.  I am pretty proud of myself for finding a controller that matches my PC’s case – it’s kinda sweet.  Oh, and can you see that I’ve got very little to write about, it seems?  I’m trying to get my monthly post count up to match today’s date, and I’m running out of time (Jack Bauer-style)!!!

It remains to be seen if I one day upgrade to an actual PS4.  Keep your eye on this space!

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