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4 Minutes

A damn fine song from Madonna. I’ve just pre-ordered the new album, Hard Candy (Deluxe Edition), from iTunes and you get to download the single. Love this song.

I think that’s also the amount of time I had left to change the front picture before Jenny would literally show up at 30 Rock and pummel me out of her misery. Apparently she’s not a fan of some of those old Nellis pics! I LOVE that picture, by the way. So professional.

Anyways, I ended up putting this picture of Melissa and me instead. Her and I had a great conversation this evening on the phone. Also, Susan helped me pick out some good pics to put on my dating profile and this is one of the ones she chose, so there you go. I’m still not sure which site to try this time. I am leaning towards right now, as at least you can browse. was interesting, but I think you’re limited to what they say you’re compatible with….not sure. But since you have to pay in order to get to actually interact with others, I would like to make a good decision. Anyone have any recommendations? I’ve tried Yahoo Personals (which is okay, but I see the same people on there now) and (where I met Steve – I think I’d like a change of scenery there). So here goes.

You know what would be fun? Having inputs from you, the audience, choose some pics for me to put up and perhaps some good words for me to put on my profile in the about me section. It’d be interesting to see what you think I should say.

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