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So I’m here at work and getting bombarded with the overwhelming smell of paint as they try to ‘spruce up the place’.  Well, they’re sprucing up my mood as the smell of paint is fantastic and I see the music.  🙂

Anyways, here’s me posting on LiveJournal to see if maybe this is how I keep my journal up-to-date now.  Hmm…….

3 thoughts on “Contact High”

  1. YES!
    If you can figure out how to do CSS pages, you can completely design the layout of your LJ to match your website, then just link it in.
    LJ is definitely a hell of a lot easier to update than manual updates.
    Also, you can add communities like and feeds like and to your friends page and LOL at all of the awesomeness.

      1. Yeah, you need to subscribe in order to create your own styles. 🙁
        You’d have to go to Manage>Styles.
        If you use the S1 style, you can just use regular html to create it, but if you want to use the S2 style (which has more features/flexibility), you need to use CSS.
        Unfortunately, I haven’t taken the time to sit down and really figure out S2, but there are a bunch of communities out there that you may be able to get some info from. Good place to start is .
        Also, any websites or blogs that has an RSS feed, you can create a feed here (down at the bottom of the page) and add it to your friends page. Then, anytime it’s updated, it’ll show up on your friends list. ONE STOP INTRAWEBBING!!

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