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I Think Donny’s Going to Meet Julie This Week

BB16 Episode 27 – August 24, 2014

With this episode, we are back to what can be deemed “classic” Big Brother gameplay with just one HoH and just two nominated houseguests.  It’s nice to see it back like this, but then you realize that the pace of gameplay is soooo much slower now.  I’m not really looking forward to the Have Not competition again, so here’s hoping the houseguests figure out ways to keep the game exciting.  It’s all about ME!

A Hostile House Awaits

BB16_Ep27_JacostaKissesNicoleBUT FIRST!  Um, so, like, what what WHAT is going on with Jacosta?  After celebrating Nicole’s win, the jurors have to depart.  Hayden whispers “Derrick and Cody” into Nicole’s ear but what does Jacosta do?  Tells Nicole she’s going to pray nonstop for her and then plants a big ol’ kiss right on Nicole’s lips.  I totally missed this the first time around, until Nicole reacted with shock at going for a cheek kiss and getting full-on lips action.  It’s pretty awesome.

BB16_Ep27_NicolesInDangerThis picture should say plenty about the reception Nicole was about to get in the house.  Meaning:  the house was NOT thrilled to have her back.  Mainly, they had figured Donny was on the ropes and on his way out, and now here comes Nicole.  She’ll be someone Donny can strategize with and basically be a friend to him – something the rest of the house absolutely did not want.  It’s kind of obnoxious that they’re that obvious with the ostracization, but that’s the game I guess.

What we do learn during this time is that Donny has been working on not only Christine but everyone in the Detonators.  He’s showing all the reasons why they should turn on each other – of course, that’s what he’s SUPPOSED to be doing but it annoys them nevertheless.  Derrick is particularly annoyed as Donny is actually correct in his breakdowns of what’s happening but can’t afford to have that kind of rebellion take hold.  So he instructs the house to never be alone with Nicole or Donny and focus on getting down to 7.

A Lone Head of Household Emerges

BB16_Ep27_HoHCompThe houseguests had to call upon their memories of when certain events occurred and properly input that value into their boxer input pad.  If you got it wrong, all you knew was that you were wrong and your panel reset.  BB16_Ep27_HoHFinal2Surprisingly, Donny rocked this competition and survived until the final battle which was against Cody, while Nicole was eliminated first.  D’oh! Both she and Donny knew that they HAD to win HoH as the writing was on the wall: they were the targets.  BB16_Ep27_HoHNicoleWorriedNicole was sick with stress and knew she had to count on Donny to pull out the victory.   At the end it was all about who could remember when Amber won her 3rd competition.  GEEZ.  Both guys were clearly guessing at a certain range as who the hell was going to remember when or what that event was!?  BB16_Ep27_HoHCodyWinsThe answer was Day 29, which was when she won the Battle of the Block competition with Jacosta.  Donny was close a few times, but Cody ended up the victor.

This victory also ensured a fairly predictable episode to follow…

2 Nominees


If you were thinking there’d be any surprises at this nomination, you’d have been wrong.  Cody is definitely NOT a risk-taker in this game and as he famously said every other phrase during his last HoH, he “doesn’t want to get blood on his hands.”  He may not have explicitly said that this time, but it was certainly the case, as he nominated the only expected nominees at this point in the game:

BB16_Ep27_NominationsDonny and Nicole were the nominees, and even though I’m giving Cody some shit right now for playing it in such an expected manner, there were signs in this episode that things still may change…

Hobie, How Could Things Change???

Glad you asked, random Internet reader!  Let’s explore what might happen in the future!

BB16_Ep27_Donny BB16_Ep27_DerrickLet’s first talk about Donny and Derrick’s talk in the backyard.  Derrick wanted to get real with Donny.  He brought up Team America and Donny’s earlier refusal to do a challenge because Donny asserted he wasn’t playing for Team America, he was playing for himself.  Derrick admits that hurt him, but understands.  Also knows that Donny is plotting against him, but also understands that.   BUT, Derrick admits that Donny is better for his game IN the house, not out of it.   Derrick just can’t really trust Donny because Donny really is trying like hell to stay in the house, telling everyone to throw everyone else under the bus.  But it seems that the damage is done and Donny will remain this week’s intended victim.  Of course, things could change…

BB16_Ep27_HM_Strategize…as The Hitmen consider longer-term strategies.  Donny is still the intended target, but with regards to Nicole, it’s not clear that she needs to go immediately.  Nicole had earlier gone to Cody knowing full well she was going to get nominated, yet offering her services as a loyal ally that would always have his back.  She points out that Frankie and Caleb are likely going to flip on him, which he admits to us is probably true.  So neither Cody or Derrick are quick to pull the trigger on Nicole for now, as they are already considering who some other targets will be:

BB16_Ep27_HM_Christine BB16_Ep27_HM_FrankieNow, does this tantalizing suggestion mean that we’re in for some dramatic game-playing?  I highly doubt it.   Even IF Donny or Nicole win Veto, I’d be REALLY surprised if Cody had the courage to turn on his alliance.  Victoria is the obvious next target but we all know Derrick is saving her for his goat at the Final 2.   But could Derrick convince Cody to avoid Victoria?  So much to consider, but of course this requires Donny or Nicole to win the Power of Veto!

All that was a long way of saying I’m cautiously optimistic about things getting exciting, yet mostly resigned to the rest of the season being fairly straightforward (with Derrick winning handily).

Status and Standings:

BB16_Ep27_StandingsHead of Household: Cody
Nominated for Eviction: Donny & Nicole

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