Holy Crap

Alright, I do need to post a lot about this past weekend with Jeff – but first, my boss just pulled me into his office and said that while he’s gone on vacation for two weeks, I’m going to be the POC for all the Automation systems! Uh, sphincter says what???? This is a huge deal. I’m so not the head guy and I am suddenly all sorts of nervous. These systems better not break in the two weeks he’s gone!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “Holy Crap”

  1. Hey Eiboh!
    Miss ya dearly… well, in that long lost friend kind of way… Just telling you what you already know. You will do fine. Hey, with all that stress, you’ll need a massage therapist! …and YES, I am one! =D I’m totally mobile whenever you’re in town. Just call me! Ahem… that was not a hint, but a request. I’m fairly qualified to work as a pro, but I’m still a student so I can’t charge, but tips are accepted; not expected. MUCH LUCK & LOVES TO YA!

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