You know what’s cool about having a guy to date? It’s a lot more fun to go do things! And we’re now going to hit up the musical Xanadu on Wednesday night. It’s supposed to be fantastically fabulous (the gays’ll love it) and while I haven’t seen the original movie it was based on (Olivia Newton John was in it), I still can’t wait to see it. Especially when I found out that if you join the Playbill club (They’re the ones who make the brochures that get handed out at every show), you get discounts! And on the good shows too (although not Jersey Boys or In the Heights, which are both ridiculously popular right now) – so before I joined Playbill, the tickets for rear Mezzanine of Xanadu was going to be $118.50 EACH. After joining Playbill, for tix 6 rows back from the stage at stage right aisle, $70 EACH. Now that’s pretty damn awesome.

Anyways, the Playbill site was pretty cool and has a LOT of info on current and upcoming shows. One whose Banner ad I saw was called [Title of Show] which opens up in July. Look at the ad below. It’s freakin’ hilarious and I MUST See it when it comes out.

Awwww…snap. Awesome dorkwads. MUST SEE THIS.

In other news: My car is now normal again. My bank accounts are a lot less for the privilege. Joy. The thing that needed fixing wasn’t that expensive, but it was everything else that I needed to replace which was. Oh well, it’s done and my car works again. Plus I stayed home and worked from home today. It gave me a chance to do a little bit of work but I also got to clean up a lot and finally install my new Yamaha receiver. It’s effin’ sweet. Plus it came with the iPod adapter that was supposed to be an optional and extra accessory to purchase. Man, it is great to still have AAFES privileges! Especially when they do online stuff, since I really don’t think there’s a base all that close to me.

And now I’m done. Time to drink or something. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Xanadu-bound!”

  1. Xanadu
    I saw the movie(Yes, I’m that old, you ass!)but I don’t remember it. All I remember is the video with Olivia Newton John… Anyway, if you caught the Tony Awards(that’s the awards for the Musicals and Plays)Sunday night, the cast of Xanadu sang a number, and it looks freakin’ strange. All I could tell you was that there was this really HOT MAN in a red wife beater and Daisy Duke-style cutoff jean shorts…singing about a roller skate, not a roller blade or inline skate, but yo’ mama’s mama’s roller skate. He did have a stellar voice as well as a stellar body…did I mention the Daisy Duke shorts?!? RiDICKulously HOT! You have to tell me how it went!!! The show, I mean. And then how many minutes into the drive back were you 2 all over each other!!!

  2. BX
    There’s an army base on the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano bridge. They have a BX. It’s teeny tiny. Their club is cool though…its made of old rocks….army fort style. -moonbeam

  3. secrets
    I got a livejournal account so I can read the secret posts….where are they? how do I see them? Yes – I DO have a computer science degree and YES I am computer illiterate. What’s it to you? – moonbeam

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