The Universe Ends with Pecs

Well, in certain types of movies, I’m sure it does.  I saw two articles in io9 today that just had me drop my jaw for two completely different reasons.

Let’s talk about the end of the Universe first.  io9 periodically throws out a post about the end of existence, whether it’s how the Earth will end or today’s post about the expected end of the Universe and existence.  These posts never fail to incite a mini-emotional and -mental breakdown when I read them.  It’s hard enough to have to deal with death on its own, but then to think about trillions of years in the future…?  It’s asking to consider infinity, a task I am not up for and one which again frightens (? — not even sure that’s the right word) me to no end.  So yeah, here’s a timeline graph of Earth’s next Quintillion years – Enjoy!

FarFutureTimelineClipOn the other end of the io9 spectrum today, we get the amazingly terrible-looking movie Hercules with the unbelievably attractive premise where Hercules is a gay man’s wet-dream and suitably attired  in that he’s wearing very little.  I can almost convince myself it’s worth seeing…but perhaps waiting till Netflix or something.  But seriously, look at this image from the movie and posted by io9:

ku-xlargeThat’s just unreal.  That is unreal.

So my post will end with pecs, as promised somewhat in my post title.


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